The Couch Potato : Private Lives – (K-Drama,2020) – Ep 5 to 8 recap

This is drama #3 as I continue to check out the new K-drama releases for the last quarter of October and we are heading into more information with some msytery characters with this new episode recap!

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Episode 5

After narrowly escaping Joo Eun meets up with Bok Ki who reveals the inital part of the story on how she met up with Jae Wook in the first place. She was hiding after President Choi got killed by a hired assassin. The killer was almost going to find her when a noise Jae Wook causes lures him outside and ends up with Jae Wook killing him. With Bok Ki’s help he gets the ledger where President choi has all the accounts handwritten of the bribes he made – which was making its way into national television and for which he claimed no role. He gives her a new identity of Sophia Chung and helps her escape.

This brings us back to one year before the wedding when Jeong Hwan gets the assignment on finding Edward Kim. Its during one of his expeditions by following Jae Wook to a bar he meets Joo Eun for the first time (which was something we saw, and we all thought he was just sent on a dare by his friends, but it was just to distract Jae Wook from him).Sigh, I guess Jeong Hwan did not intend to con Joo Eun but she just got entangled in this mess.

As the case progresses Jeong Hwan’s boss at GK asks him to give up on this problematic case about President Choi and give it to UI Telecom since that is owned by Choi’s son. He exchanges the information with an employee from UI – which is when he meets Eun Joo again, in the act that he was sent by his lead under a confidentiality agreement. Guess UI needed a temporary employee and therefore entrusted the documentary to Eun Joo.

Shortly before the wedding Jeong Hwan is shown to help Bok Ki help escape the goons from UI telecom which is why he was hunted down on the day of the wedding. Makes a lot more sense. But why did Jeong Hwan save Bok Ki? Does he personally feel invested in this due to his past with Jae Wook from ten years ago?

Jeong Hwan had even broken into Jae Wook’s home at one point and had taken photographic evidence of the ledger. He entrusts this to his best friend who wears it around his neck. But the next Jeong Hwan sees him is killed and hung up to seem like a suicide with the USB gone. Pained and at loss what to do, Jeong Hwan places his body and crashes the car. To pass the DNA test he leaves his best friends DNA all over his apartment with Joo Eun and disappears. Okay, that resolves a lot of doubt because I was about to ask how he faked the DNA. Meticulous man indeed Mr.Spy Lee.

Episode 6

Joo Eun is forced to move out from her marital apartment and back to her rooftop apartment that Han Son had arranged for her. He has set it up with the furniture she had sold because he clearly knows she misses Jeong Hwan. Having the same furniture around to forget Jeong Hwan may not have been the best method?

Joo Eun and Bok Ki enter into a 40-60 agreement to get back at Edward Kim. Joo Eun also finds out via Han Son more about UI and GK and their involvement. Han Son warns her against fighting with such huge conglomerates. The goons chasing Joo Eun are chased away by Han Son as they all fear Han Son as well. We really need more insight onto Han Son – how much he has done. He seems like such a nice character who has been given a very trivial role.

The police arrive to talk to Jeong Hwan’s friend (the one who died), but it was actually Jeong Hwan who was there and makes a run for it. As Jeong Hwan returns once the coast is clear, he finds his frined there well and alive – it was his twin who was mistaken for him and killed. Okay this just got a thousand times worse.

Jeong Hwan continues following Jae Wook. Meanwhile an old member of GK vision participates in the elections as well. The police officers are forced to close down Jeong Hwan’s case after pressure comes from above – Jeong Hwan has appeared in front of his old boss and asks for a rebirth – maybe a new identity. So, his boss uses his influence to ask the police to wrap this up. Joo Eun doesn’t take the news too lightly though, especially since she was even suspected at one point.

Jeong Hwan starts working with his friend and tails his old boss – only to see him meeting up with Jae Wook. Aaahhh, I feel like we could have gotten more from this episode? I hope they don’t slow this down too much!

Episode 7

A good part of the episode shows that Kim, Jeong Jean’s trusted boss and Jae Wook have been allies all along and that Jeong Hwan was just a puppet in this whole thing. The only thing that led to Jae Wook leaving GK was some sort of mishap related to an explosion that happened over the timeline the story is set. He leaves GK to do his own thing post that. Jeong Hwan after infiltrating the gentleman’s club at the hotel checks the CCTV and finds out on which side his boss really is.

Meanwhile Joo Eun as part of her investigation visits the home where Jae Woo is staying with Bok Ki only to almost die from a gas explosion. Bok Ki saves her but some goons arrive at the hospital to take both the women away. They are saved however by Jeong Hwan donning his black helmet and although he does get injured, the women escape. Jae Wook meanwhile plans to move all the cash and gold in his vault and realises tgat helmet guy may be Jeong Hwan after all because after examining the accident site, and seeing how the oil collected, he understood Jeong Hwan faked his death. The episode recap for this one ends here and yes it is inching quite slowly. I hope it picks pace. I honestly expected Jeong Hwan and Joo Eun to meet in this episode but I guess not.

Episode 8

Joo Eun’s mother intervenes and asks her daughter to give her some involvement in this new documents with Bok Ki. Joo Eun somehow buys some time from her mother while she continues to find out who the mystery man is.

Jeong Hwan works with his friend and infiltrate the UI network to find more information. The evil boss at GK realises they killed the wrong twin while trying to get the info and tasks his goons to find more. The goons reach Han Son but Han Son single-handedly puts them down and warns them that he wants to know all about Jeong Hwan first before he decides to help the goons.

Joo Eun manages to drug an employee from GK whose identity Jeong Hwan was supposedly using. After drugging him she finds entries on his calendar that coincide with the things that happened to Jeong Hwan and collect that information. Meanwhile the smart watch on the guy informs GK about his slowly lessening heart rate and a team from GK arrive and take him away while Joo Eun escapes, pretending to be a waiter. That night Han Son tells Joo Eun that Jeong Hwan was a shadow agent for GK all this while. At the same time through the project where the private information of people are collected by the huge conglomerates that Jeong Hwan infiltrated, he finds out Joo Eun was jailed for conning and realises her whole story was all a lie. He decides to meet her and confront her about it. The episode ends with Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan about to meet. Of course they have to stop the episode here. Ugh. Honestly this could have happened at least in episode 7. I really really hope things pick pace!

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