The Couch Potato : Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – (K-Drama,2020) – Mid-run review

Hello and welcome to my exploration into the latest K-Drama releases of the latter half of 2020! Now that we have reached Mid-run reviews, you know what that means! We have completed half the episodes, or half the episodes have been aired and it’s time to examine what has happened till now and set out our expectations for the next half!

DDSSLLS (the name is a mouthful, I HAD to abbreviate it) is a story about a girl called Ra Ra who was trained to be a pianist as her father felt she had a natural interest in it, although it turns out she doesn’t. Once she graduates she decides to gets married to a man her father chose. As she waits for her father on her wedding day she meets our next character, Jun, a mysterious man whose working several part time jobs. He’s mesmerised by Ra Ra on her wedding day but he doesn’t have too much time to stay in like that because Ra Ra’s father collapses and dies after hearing his company is bankrupt, and her groom is taken away by his mother as there’s nothing in it for them anymore (I know petty people).

Ra Ra however decides to go to Eunpo city after a Mysterious person on Instagram mentions so and shows signs of being familiar with her. Upon arriving she meets with an accident with none other than Jun, and the two form a debtor-debtee relationship and the story follows that, and the other characters around Eunpo city.

Now for this Mid-run review I will go in character by character or character sets to avoid confusion between subplots! So let’s go!

There are several other posts about this series on my blog, all of which you can read on the link here! This includes episode recaps, synopsis versus expectations, penultimate episode predictions, and spoiler free reviews!

Where are our character(s) at now?

Ra Ra and Jun

I guess it’s safe and a predictable thing to say that Ra Ra and Jun really like each other and have started a romantic venture. But there are a LOT of secrets Jun is hiding – that he has met her before with his friend, and most importantly – that’s he a runaway school student! Out of all the revelations that was something I didn’t expect and I am really curious how Ra Ra is going to take that. Until now Jun was confused on what to tell first, the truth or his feelings – I guess he has chosen his feelings.

And there is a reason Jun run away – he lost his best friend in an accident and rather than his parents understanding his subsequent depression he got a more rough treatment, especially from his dad which led him to run away. His mother has some goons who are working hard to find Jun too.

Dr. Cha

First off Dr.Cha knows Ra Ra and I feel it goes beyond just at the wedding and could be even related to the piano as we see a familiar recital during the flashbacks. I firmly believe so because Dr.Cha recognised her on her wedding day when that was supposed to be the first time they are meeting.

Dr.Cha went ahead of Jun in the revealing the feelings department, but Ra Ra brutally crushed that! But he did recover and the two have a strong camaraderie now – especially because Ra Ra and all of us think that he is the Mysterious DDSSLLS.

Dr.Cha also seems to be suffering from a mysterious illness as well and it already pains me to think of it, but we are kind of sure about that at this point.

That evil weirdo

Yeah so we have a new character starting from the last 2-3 episodes a seemingly nice young man who may be having a sinister side.

So far he has been shown to be in those dark stalker type rooms covered with photos of Ra Ra and has even joined her piano academy. At the moment he is asking her to play, while he “watches” to get inspiration for learning the piano. Although his watch is quite adamant and he isn’t happy when his class is cut short so that Ra Ra can prep one of her students for a competition. Jun seems to have followed him in episode 8 but I hope Ra Ra will be safe!

The other characters

Jun’s landlord who we fondly remember as Grandpa is struggling bit slowly learning the piano piece – The Maiden’s Prayer, a song his late wife with dementia loved. He is also Jun’s guardian and despite the goons and Jun’s mother coming and meeting him, he hasn’t revealed Jun’s whereabouts. Unfortunately for us, the goons have found him out.

We have a piano prodigy who has met up with Ra Ra. She hopes that he will win the competition so that her academy can become more prosperous and get more students and that she can finally pay off Jun’s loan.

We have other characters like the salon lady, her daughter, her friends who like to called the “gang who wants to divorce but can’t” all integral parts of Eunpo city, a calm comedic releif throughout the story and something tells me the salon lady has a little more in her story.

Dr.Cha’s wife has also been snooping around a lot and wants to know why he came to Eunpo city of all places although as of now she thinks it’s because of Ra Ra.

Meanwhile Jun’s father doesn’t know he runaway yet and his wife is trying her best to hide that fact and find him but that seems to be crumbling apart. She was also at Ra Ra’s wedding and has seen her now without money at Eunpo city as well.

So what should we expect next?

Well one thing’s for sure – how is Ra Ra going to find out the truth about Jun? I am quite sure she is not going to find it from Jun but somehow else, especially now that the goons have caught up with him.

I can’t quite place whether Jun will be captured and taken away or whether he will slip away and run for it narrowly, but I’m interested to see that too. I’m sure his father will find out the truth in that time.

But no matter how Jun is going to be removed from the scene, what I’m worried about is that weirdo without a doubt. I think he will snap soon and might harm her – and somehow I think it’s Dr Cha that will step in – or maybe Jun, for some added drama. I think we can expect maybe a good reason on why he is stalking her too.

And speaking of Dr.Cha the truth about his disease will be up soon and I’m ready with some tissues for that because let’s admit it we all love Dr.Cha!

And there’s one thing I didn’t mention in the recap but it’s about Ra Ra’s father’s secretary – although we only got a glimpse, we know that he actually tricked her father and is enjoying all the wealth to himself at the monet. My gut tells me that Ra Ra’s fiance might return for some added drama and maybe that’s how she finds out? We all know K-Dramas love using dramatic plots so we need to see for that one!

I’m sure a bulk of the series will be around all the main characters for sure but I really expect some warm and happy endings for all the characters and sub plots. Also can we expect more mystery characters? We did see some characters in the shadows at the time Ra Ra reached Eunpo city? Let’s see!

What do you think the next half of the drama will have for us? Let me know in the comments! The links to all the other associated posts are at the top!

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