The Couch Potato : Private Lives – (K-Drama,2020) : Mid-run review

Hello and welcome to my Couch Potato series where we dive into everything TV series! Now that we have reached the mid-run review, you know what that means – we have reached half the series or in this case half has finished airing, and it’s time to see where we are at now, and what we can maybe expect for the next half.

Private Lives in a K-Drama airing on Netflix about a set of con artists that are on the surface looking like they are trying to outwit each other, but the real plot is in how some huge conglomerates have been maintaining a huge project that involves all the private information of the population in the country. The series starts with a narration of what really is privacy – and how with how much of our lives are on display on social media, there’s a fine line that divides both.

As always I have many associated posts on my blog on this series – like Synopsis versus expectations, episode recaps, mid run review like this, penultimate episode predictions, and spoiler free reviews all of which can be accessed by clicking the link here!

I will dig into this drama character by character to make it easier becuase there’s a lot going on!

Where are we at now?

Joo Eun

Our story starts with Joo Eun, who is herslef a con artist along with her parents. She didn’t intend to be one though and wanted to go to university but one of her con acts by her father involved tricking people out of millions in the name of religion until he got tricked by others in on the crime to only be left with an immense jail sentence.

It’s been downhill for Joo Eun from there – her father is jailed, her mother literally just left and acts like a stranger and Joo Eun while trying to get revenge for her father gets caught and is jailed for 18 months too. It was all sad until she met Jeong Hwan as she pretended to be an employee at UI telecom for exchanging some secret info.

Jeong Hwan

Jeong Hwan started off as an employee at GK, a huge conglomerate.

He and Joo Eun has a picture perfect love story – until he disappeared on their wedding day and ended up dead according to the police as his car veered away from a highway, off a cliff and burst into flames.

Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan

But what is the truth really? It’s that both of them were conning each other. Joo Eun never told Jeong Hwan she was simply acting as an employee thinking he’s a normal civilian or that she has done jail time.

The truth was that Jeong Hwan was one of the shadow agents under the whole privacy project by GK I mentioned at the beginning of the post. He also ran a spy agency and was helping one of the key characters Bok Ki find our villian, Jae Wook (I will come to it soon). As he helps Bok Ki he ends up on the bad side of his enemies – who we still don’t have a grasp of entirely as it is not completely known. He’s forced to leave as some goons arrive on his wedding day and he finds his best friend and partner dead. In order to stage his death he uses his friends body in the accident site and exchanges the DNA too.

At this moment in the story both Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan have found out each other’s fake stories and are almost about to meet – something I’ve been waiting for a millennium ever since I knew Jeong Hwan was still alive.

Bok Ki and Jae Wook

These two are introduced as the two people that start the scam with Joo Eun’s father only to run away with the money and have him end up in a long jail sentence.

Because of the nature of their com artist they go by several names, but I will stick with these.

From what we know Bok Ki was a news raeder at a local news station until she got involved with a politician Choi who was later involved in a lot of high profile bribery. Choi however maintained a ledger of all the bribes he did which could harm many, and Bok Ki ends up witnessing Choi getting killed. She was about to be killed too until Jae Wook saves her.

He saved her not becuase of her but to get the ledger through her. Jae Wook in an arsonist who worked for GK a few years ago but seem to be independently working now although he still maintains his contacts at GK. We are not clear on that yet. Right now he seems to have tricked Bok Ki at a foreign country which is why she is out to find him via Jeong Jean’s spy agency and get her revenge.

The privacy scam

We are kind of sure that GK, UI and maybe some other huge names have a role in this whole privacy project of theirs which is clearly illegal. Jeong Hwan at this point realises the people he trusted at GK can’t be trusted as they are all on Jae Wook’s side now. It also seems like Jeong Hwan and Jae Wook may have worked together on some projects for GK a few years back in the storyline too.

At this point of time we aren’t completely sure to what extent this project is – we do know one thing – it has all the private info and ID of everyone in the country.

What can we expect next?

Honestly with these kind of dramas, I don’t know what to expect.

We are sure Jeong Hwan and Joo Eun will meet up and I really hope the two will work together – I feel it will make the show more entertaining. One thing that put me off a little in the last two episodes is how it was a tad bit slow. If that paces keeps up, I’m sure it will feel like the story is being dragged.

However I hope that isn’t true. I expect huge shifts in the story as soon as the privacy project is out in the open. The secret ledger that is with Jae Wook may lead to more dramatic characters – and the best part to look for in this drama – some amazing con artist scenes – there’s nothing more exciting to see than our equally talented characters outwit each other with every scene!

Joo Eun’s father is almost out of prison too and I’m sure the police are going to be more involved in Jeong Jean’s case even though they have been asked to close it. Bok Ki may seem like she’s on the good side but I’m sure Joo Eun will get her sweet revenge in a turn of events.

What do you think will happen in the next half of the series? Let me know in the comments below! As always the links to all the other posts on this series have been linked at the top!

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