The Couch Potato : Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox – (K-Drama,2020) : Mid-run review

I am whizzing past the dramas at lightning speed or as lightning fast as I can humanly make possible!

Tale of the Nine tailed fox is a really anticipated drama in the K-Drama circle and although the initial episodes threw my expectations around a little bit, now at the halfway mark I’m excited to see what awaits us in the story.

As always this is a Mid-run review which means I’ve reached half of the series or half has been aired and it’s time to compile what we know until now, and what we can expect later. TV series dives on my blog has not just this but synopsis versus expectations before starting the series, segmented episode recaps, penultimate episode predictions, and spoiler free reviews. You can check them all out by just clicking the link here!

What we know until now –

For this let’s go in character by character to see where we are in terms of the plot.

Lee Yeon

Lee Yeon is a gumiho who has lived past a hundred years and have taken the form of a human. He has lived many hundreds of years that he was also a mountain god – kind of like a god that protected the fragile ecosystem under his care.

However during that time he meets a young girl called Ah Eum with whom he spends an increasing amount of time and eventually falls in love – something that is only once in a lifetime for a gumiho. However she dies quite early into her life but Yeon gives her his fix bead as a promise to reincarnates and at the timeline the story is set at, he was waited 600 years for the person with the fox bead to come – her reincarnation.

Ji Ah

Ji Ah is a PD at a TV station and produces a show on the supernatural. She is also the reincarnation of Ah Eum although the bead wasn’t instantly visible to Yeon but only later.

Ji Ah had a traumatic past where she and her parents met with an accident and her parents disappeared without a trace to be seen. From then until now, her only aim is to find her parents which is why she teamed up with Yeon.

Now into the story we realise that Ji Ah has a part of the serpent demon – the villian in this story – the imoogi inside her, although she doesn’t know yet. She has also given up her fix bead to another being to save Yeon this bringing in even more trouble for her. She was also the target that night during the accident but her parents fell prey to it instead.

In her past life she was Ah Eum the princess who wanted to kill the imoogi that had inhabited her father’s body. The imoogi wanted Yeon and Ah Eum had given her body instead to reach Yeon but with that she ended up dying by getting killed by Yeon. As of now Ji Ah feels that Yeon is using her just like how it seems in the flashback she saw, but we all kind of know that’s not true.

Ji Ah was also possessed and had to undergo hypnosis treatement when she was young, due to the imoogi in her.

Lee Rang

Lee Rang is a half human, half gumiho and is Yeon’s half brother. He was abandoned by his mother but saved by Yeon and had a very cherishing relationship. But with Ah Eum’s death, and Yeon ceasing to be the mountain god, many humans set fire to the mountain and Rang started losing everything near and dear. He then on a rampage, massacres villages, only to meet Yeon instructed by the heavens to kill Rang for his sins.

Yeon misses the vital organs and Rang survives thanks to a man, who happens to be a branded criminal at that time and continues to live for the next 600 years thanks to some magical berries.

Rang is filled with anger towards how Yeon abandoned him and he plans to make Yeon’s life a pain by bringing back the imoogi and killing Ji Ah, so that Yeon suffers the same fate again.

Other characters

Shin Joo and Yoo Ri are the closest gumiho acquaintances to Yeon and Rang. Shin Joo has been Yeon’s faithful servant since he was a mountain god, while Yoo Ri was a gumiho under captivity that was saved by Rang. She pretends to be the daughter of a shopping mall owner after their daughter died in an accident. We are not sure if Rang and Yoo Ri actually killed her or not though. As of now Yoo Ri is tailing Shin Joo in Rang’s instructions, but it looks like the two are getting closer.

The next pair of characters are the people at the Immigration office for the death, the being that takes people to the border of life and death and the man who weighs the sins before sending souls into the next world. The two in this story are a couple and this is the place where Yeon works to capture rogue spirits, in a sort of twisted style of his role of the grim reaper in Goblin, to wait for Ah Eum to reincarnate. Although they bicker a lot , both of them care a lot about Yeon. It’s also been revealed that the couple had lost a son many centuries back too.

The imoogi is clearly our villian and has now taken a young adult form and has proclaimed that since Ah Eum was his sacrifice in his last life, Ji Ah becomes his bride in this life. And he’s clearly out to defeat Yeon for sure, this time.

He is hidden by the man whose been living for six hundred years who also happens to be the CEO at the TV station Ji Ah works in.

Some other notable characters are the owner of The Snail Bride restaurant who has a soft corner to Ji Ah’s boss (I wonder if there was a hint that he is her husband’s reincarnation?) , The little boy who is the reincarnation of Rang’s dear puppy, amongst many other mythical beings.

In an article I read about what we can expect from the next half of the series the show makers had intended at this character – a juice selling woman who has the Power to see ones greatest fears and take them to that experience for real. The eighth episode has stopped at both Lee Rang and Ji Ah stuck in dangerous situations of their own and Yeon has to choose who to save. The show makers however hint there is more to this evil woman character as well.

What can we expect next?

Well for starters, considering how Yeon came to Rang’s aid in the last episode I am guessing that Rang may slightly warm up to Yeon and may understand his reasons of doing what he did then. Something tells me.that although this good change won’t be immediate , it will be gradual and Rang will aid Yeon in defeating the imoogi for sure. Maybe Rang might even sacrifice himself? It’s probable from a drama perspective.

Now this misunderstanding between Yeon and Ji Ah is for sure short lived. I mean this couple waited 600 years and I’m sure Ji Ah will find out what really happened pretty soon.

What intrigues me and everyone else is what is their fate? Is Ji Ah going to die? Would Yeon sacrifice himself so she can live a normal life this time? Or can they have a short but happily every after , after defeating the imoogi? I feel that since Yeon has been punished enough until now he may be able to live with Ji Ah and bring back her parents. A human life is pretty short for him, but he might as well spend it happily. And to the question of what he will do when Ji Ah dies – I guess the romantic answer would be he waits another 600 years for her to reincarnate? Endings like this is possible. Take Goblin for instance. He waits for her after every lifetime knowing that after a fixed number of lifetimes she will cease to be reborn and he will be alone, for eternity, I mean that was a dark ending I never understood.

I can’t predict a lot more because there are so many possibilities open from all the information we know so far but I do hope it turns out to be exciting and worth the watch.

What do you expect the next half of the Episodes? Let me know in the comments!

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