The Couch Potato : The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox – (K-Drama, 2020) – Synopsis versus expectations

Hello and welcome as I continue my explorations to the latest releases for the starting from the October releases in the K-Drama world. This is drama #5 that I am going through as I explore the new releases. You can catch all the other details on all the other dramas over on The Couch Potato section on my blog!

This post is a synopsis versus expectations video as we check out what the synopsis is, the cast and other things and set aside some expectations and early predictions maybe. I will link the episode recaps, mid run reviews, penultimate episode predictions and spoiler free series review right below! Now onto the “Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox”!

Episodes 1 to 4 recap

Episodes 5 to 8 recap

Mid-run review and expectations

Episodes 9-12 recap

How I think the show will end

Episodes 13-16 (final) recap

Spoiler free review

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What is a nine-tailed fox?

The tale is as the title suggests about a Nine-Tailed Fox or better known by its native name – the gumiho. First of all let’s undestand what a gumiho is. There’s already another popular drama on a gumiho called “My girlfriend is a gumiho” but unfortunately I haven’t watched that one yet.

Its origins are dipped in many East Asian myths but the nine tailed fox also known as the gumiho is a mythical creature that can take a human form at will and transform into mostly beautiful women to seduce men and eat their livers of all things. There are many tales that are associated with the fox on the forms it take, but it’s said that at one point it can even take a permanent human form as well, with slightly fox like features. The fox is not a godly creature with limitless power though it’s more of a “lesser” character. The fox bead is also an important legend that is associated with the fox as it is said to contain great knowledge and can be transferred via a “kiss” of sorts which gives the owner immense knowledge and insight. Now there are a lot more details about the gumiho but considering the plot of the drama we are about to watch, this information would be plenty!

The synopsis and my expectations

The synopsis of the story is naturally about a gumiho that works with the immigration of death to capture lose or rogue spirits and send them to the underworld via the office. But the real truth is that the gumiho who has now taken on a human appearance was an old mountain god. He left that role as he lost his one true love six hundred years ago.

He waits patiently for her to reincarnate based on the promise she made with him before going to the underworld. Finally after 600 years she does appear in the form of a feisty TV show producer who does a show on the supernatural and has her own taste of the supernatural as well in her personal life. But it’s not a smooth trance into a happily ever after for the couple as the evil that separated them the first time, is back for revenge.

Now let me just get this out in the open, but I LOVE supernatural dramas! I even have a compilation of my favorite ones on my blog. I feel the supernatural element always give that added boost of the story we don’t get otherwise so I’m very excited for this one!

The gumiho character has gotten me very excited as well as I haven’t seen a story on that yet like I’ve told at the beginning. The synopsis however doesn’t feel extra ordinary at this point – it just seems like a star crossed lovers story that is spanning like maybe 600 years! But the background of the female lead has me interested – the fact she does a show on the supernatural means there is an open area for more supernatural creatures perhaps? And her personal experiences ? Is it from her past life or this present life? We are yet too see.

The synopsis doesn’t let out a lot but enough to intrigue our interest in it. You can check out the trailers here – Trailer #1 and Trailer #2

The Cast

Lee Dong Wook as Lee Yeon/gumiho

Now when we start off about the case we can’t forget our gumiho can we? We have Lee Dong Wook back in another mythical creature and this time he is the mythical Nine-Tailed fox!

We saw Lee Dong Wook ace another mythical character not so long ago I’m the hit series – Goblin. Whether it was his performance or his chemistry with all the co-stars he was definitely a fan favorite – serious, comedic and sympathetic. Honestly I couldn’t find a better person to carry out another supernatural role! Of course we don’t know how our gumiho is like in character but it’s not an understatement to say that I’m looking forward to his performance!

Apart from the Goblin, the only other work of Lee Dong Wook’s I’ve seen is The Beauty Inside, albeit a short but impactful role in the movie. I’m excited for this new venture of his for sure!

Jo Bo Ah as Nam Ji Ah

Our leading lady and the intriguing and mystery character tying our story is played by Jo Bo Ah!

Unfortunately I have not watched any of her previous works before and that makes me even more interested to check out her work! I’ve always said this – one movie, one series can turn us from a casual watcher to an intent fan as far as an artist goes. From the synopsis we already know that her character Ji Ah essentially ties the story and the characters together and I am eager to watch her performance too!

Kim Bum as Lee Rang

When I found out Kim Bum was also casted I was pleasantly surprised! The last time I saw him was in my first ever K-Drama – Boys over flowers as the famous pottery guy who had some serious emotional pangs. He is now back this time as another gumiho – Lee Yeon’s brother and enemy as well. I knew there was a good chance we would get other mythical characters and I’m pretty excited that it’s another gumiho with a tight emotional tie with the lead character Lee Yeon! I am as excited to watch Kim Bum as I am for Lee Dong Wook because it’s been quite some time since I watched him on screen!

It’s also to be noted to that there is an immense range of supporting characters in the series as well and I’m hoping for some interesting characters, supernatural beings and plot from them!

And that’s it for my synopsis versus expectations! What do you think? Please do stay tuned for all the following posts! And let me know what you feel in the comments – remember no spoilers!


  1. I have very expectations for this one myself. Like you I love supernatural dramas, and I really think this is going to be an awesome series. Especially with this incredible cast! Have fun, and I hope you will enjoy it! 😊😊

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