The Couch Potato : The Tale of the Nine Tailed Fox – (K-Drama,2020) : Ep 5-8 recap

Hello and welcome to the continuation of the episode recaps of the nine tailed fox! The story is at an exciting turn as Yeon has finally found his reincarnated first love in Jia. But there is a sinister evil literally being grown that might ruin it all. Lets check it out and see!

As always my TV series deep dives will have synopsis versus expectations, episode recaps, mid run reviews, penultimate episode predictions and spoiler free reviews. You can read them all by clicking the link herr! Now onto the recap!

As always my commentary will be mentioned in bold italics.

Episode 5 – I waited for you too

Yeon is treated to his wounds by Jia who stays with him all night. A manic Shin Joo comes in the morning and his cute antics bring a smile on all our faces.

Looks like the baby is now a child learning Calculus or something (Does he plan to go to college?) . This kid is the Imoogi that was supposedly killed by Yeon judging from the scales on his face.

Jia finds out how Ah Eum and Yeon came to love each other with the story starting from when Ah Eun is a kid. Ah Eum later trained in archery with Yeon into her adulthood in order to kill her father, the king who has been manisfested by an evil spirit – which Jia understands is the imoogi. Meanwhile back at our Calculus loving Imoogi’s place, a nanny comes in to make sure he is “fed”. The little boy ends up “absorbing” the nanny and killing her.

Shin Joo comes to know that Yoo Ri was under captivity until she was saved and pities her. But Shin Joo’s pity seems to bother her – A LOT.

Yeon and Jia then visit the two ghost girls and help their father realise that the uncle who was looking after them was sexually abusing them and the girls died in an attempt to protect themselves.

Elsewhere Yoo Ri and Rang sees a couple of school kids harrasing a little puppy that is severely injured. The two save the puppy and give a really harsh beating to the boys who beg them on their knees. As the little puppy follows Rang and Yoo Ri, Rang is reminded of the little puppy Yeon entrusted him to, that died, and Yeon was nowhere around to help. Although Rang walks away from the puppy, Yoo Ri takes it to Shin Joo and gives him the necklace to treat it. I really think Rang is a good guy that just got messed up along the way.

We also come to know that the man taking care of the Imoogi is the CEO of Jia’s station. I swear K-drama worlds are so small. Literally all the characters are around each other.

Yeon catches up to the old man that Jia piggybacked earlier and finds out that a person called “The Magistrate” would know about her parents. Rang later meets the same man to know where the “tiger’s eyebrow” is and gets his answer too.

Yeon and Jia arrive at a place set like its in olden times – a living museum of sorts – as they look for the magistrate. Jia sees a hanbok shop and changes into one – ending up looking like the spitting image of Ah Eum. Yeon sees her on a bridge, is shocked, and runs over and kisses her. Well, that was fast, for K-Drama standards. Although emotional shifts in this drama do happen pretty fast I got to admit. Like it just take seconds to elevate it to the next level. I am not sure what to feel about that though.

Episode 6 – The Four Pillars of Destiny

Our star crossed lovers are a little shy but continue to search for the magistrate as they enter a fortune teller’s place. The man openly uses an app to tell their fortunes but morbidly mentions that one of them would die if they stay together.

In a little while Rang appears at the fortune teller, who is actually a mystical being that can tell fortunes to get the tiger eyebrow thing that turn out to be a pair of funny glasses. Rang gives him a suitcase full of cash but the fortune teller says he can acquire this only when he brings the most precious thing to him and exchanges that. Rang is puzzled, meanwhile Yeon receives the locations of the magistrate.

After a crazy fight scene for god knows what, they finally get the information from the magistrate. It was a human that approached the magistrate for some of his men for the accident that happened to Jia. The man had the brandishings of a traitor from the Joseon era and he mentions how the real target was Jia. He also mentios to Yeon alone that she has the marking of the king.

Rang is confused but hopes that his guess on his most precious thing isn’t right. Rang calls up Yeon and asks him to come to the fortune teller place. On the way there, Yeon tells that he will place a charm on Rang’s shoes that will take us to the human that tried to harm Jia – all they have to do is follow him.

Rang present Yeon and the fortune teller examines and says that Rang did get the correct item. He traps Yeon in his “bag of infinite space” and gives the funky glasses. Jia panics as she wonders whether to follow Rang or save Yeon. She decides to save Yeon. She hunts far and wide for her most precious thing, thinking its her last birthday gift from her parents, and meets the fortune teller. But the being tells its her fox bead and she willingly gives it away. We all know thats not good news.

Now that Yeon is back, he talks to Grandma and realises that Jia woke up the Imoogi and has a part of him in her too. Back at the home of the Imoogi, the boy realises the fox bead is gone and smirks. Jia sees a dream in a room with the boy and the boy says hello to her – and she wakes up with a jolt. We started off an a really good note at first but now that the fox bead is gone, we know everything is downhill at this point.

Episode 7 – The trap of the cycle of death and rebirth

Yeon is furious that this is the fate Jia has to have after waiting 600 years for her reincarnation but decides to stay with Jia at all times to protect her.

Meanwhile Rang is really bothered and gets drunk thinking about old times. It looks like his mother dumped him in a forest and as he waited scared, a sort of zombie- the remnants of the people who died of hunger from that area attacks him. The scene cuts off here, but I am sure this is where he meets Yeon. Drunk, Rang was almost going to be hit by a vehicle when he gets saved by that adorable boy who asked to be Yeon’s friend in the starting episodes. As Rang walks away. the kid picks up the tiger eyebrow glasses.

The kid who saved Rang

Jia is on the lookout for the man with the traitor scar and so is Yeon. He assigns Shin Joo to tail Rang to find that man. Meanwhile the imoogi has consumed two more nannies and has taken the form of a young adult now.

The imoogi

Shin Joo is however caught by Rang and beat up heavily only to be taken away by Yeon with a fair warning. The little boy meanwhile is wearing the glasses and having a jolly good time – because he can see the past lives of people through the glasses. He sees Jia and her friends at work and exclaims that Jia looks really “scary”. Does she look like the imoogi? Rang eventually gets the glasses back from the boy but realises that the little boy is the reincarnation if his little puppy. Aaaawwwwwww!!! I didn’t expect that!

Jia and her team have dinner at the CEO’s place. She is however curious as to whats on the second floor – AKA the imoogi’s place. She nearly opens the door but is caught by the CEO and asked to come down. She however notices an acrylic nail on the floor, from one of the nannies, and pockets it.

That night while Yeon is out to buy her a present, Rang gifts her the glasses and asks her to look in the mirror. Ahhhhhh!!! She looks and sees Yeon stabbing her past self, Ah Eum and saying she means nothing to him, and was just a sacrifice. Yeon rushes home realising what Rang did, but he is too late. I should have known these two would meet this rocky situation the moment I saw they were accelerating through their happiness!

Episode 8 – Reincarnation

We see a flashback of Yeon and Ah Eum, who are clearly fond of each other. It looks like she is a princess who was asked to spend her time away from the palace, the reasons of which we do not know. A man (the CEO) informs that the king is very ill and that she must return at once. She meets the king but aims her arrow at him and asks the imoogi to leave her father’s body. The imoogi says he will, if she brings Yeon to him. Ah Eum strikes a bargain with the imoogi, it can possess her body and she will take it to Yeon. I guess thats how she ended up with a part of him. But the scene later shifts to Yeon killing her and proclaiming that using her as a bait would never stop him in killing the imoogi. Its at this point that Jia, in the present puts down her glasses.

Jis tearfully confronts Yeon to know if this is the truth to which he says it is. Jia asks him to leave, and he does. Ahhhhh nooooooooooooooooooo!

Meanwhile Yeon meets up with a game with Rang, as Rang boasts about how Yeon has never defeated him at this game. We then come back to the flashback where a young Rang is about to be attacked by a zombie only to be saved by Yeon and taken in. Yeon plays the board game, and then says the reason he has always won, is because he always let him. Rang as expected gets even more emotionally disturbed and Yeon mentions as he leaves about how one should save themselves. Rang proclaims that as soon as Yeon leaves through that door, they are over, for good. Yeon, sighs, and leaves. These two have such a heavy past.

The magic fruit

Back at the CEOs place we see that he has kept himself alive with some sort of magic fruit growing in his room. Rang barges in wanting to meet the imoogi. He tells the imoogi that he can’t wait anymore and wants to kill Jia. The imoogi says he can’t because Jia was his sacrifice in the past life, which means now she is her bride. What is with these mythical creatures and taking brides?\

The one who can see your deepest fears

At the snail bride restaurant, the owner is alerted of an unwated guest, an old woman wearing a green outfit. She asks the owner if she remembers her – to which she replies – she cannot forget the person responsible for her losing her husband. As the scene plays out it looks like she has some psychic powers of sorts as she sees Jia’s boss who has a crush on the restaurant owner and mentions that his deepest fear – is flying – which happens to be true. Is she the imoogi? Or someone else?

Jis visits her mom’s friend a psychiatrist for information on her new episode about past lives. She then comes to realise that Jia’s mother had brought her in for a hypnosis treatment and gives her the tapes. As Jia watches the tapes she sees herself describe a place where everyone is in hanbok. She then mentions a huge piled grave and the doctor wakes her up – only its not Jia but someone who claims to be the Imoogi and is looking for Jia. The girl looks straight ahead and starts reading a sign, the same sign in the room where Jia is in. That gave me the chills! OMG! Now there;s time travel or parallel dimensions too?


The next scene goes to Rang who is visited by the woman again to sell juice. He brushes off the juice woman but she manages to touch him to find his worst fear. He goes inside and hears an old song sung by some children. He opens his wardrobe to find himself back in the village he lives with his mother. Some villagers come and beat him up as him being half gumiho is the reason for all the bad fate the village experiences. He frees himself and confronts his mother, evidently pained. Poor, Rang, I actually feel for him. Rang walks and comes back to the familiar forest where he got attacked by a zombie. But this time there are thousands. Meanwhile the juice woman has trapped Jia too, to the night of her accident.

The juice woman tells Rang that Yeon has two choices to save – him or Jia. Rang says he knows Yeon won’t come and that he must save himself. He tries his best but is clearly overwhelmed.

Who will he choose – Rang or Jia?

The episode ends with Yeon, who chose to save Rang first, back to back with him to fight them off and then save Jia. WOW. Now, I LOVED that ending!

And thats a wrap for these episodes! Let me know what you felt in the comments.As always, the links to all the other posts in this series have been linked at the top!

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