The Couch Potato : Search – (K-Drama,2020) : Mid-run review

Search is a new military-zombie drama that is taking place in the DMZ of the Korean Peninsula where an active war is also going on.

This drama is so far action packed, fast paced and exciting and contrary to traditional dramas, has ten episodes. Therefore now that we are five episodes in, we have reached the middle mark of the series! It’s time to look at what we know now, and we can expect in the next half of episodes!

There are many more posts on my blog on this series like synopsis versus expectations, segmented episode recaps, penultimate episode recaps as well as a spoiler free review. You can check them all out by clicking the link here!

What we know by now.

There was some sort of nuclear operation that happened across the border and the first person who got zombified from the radiation is the man who ran away with the same at the start of episode 1. I’m sure the defector woman with the baby was also part of the episode as well but realising its effects wanted to escape – but we know how that turned out. The politician character who was then a soldier in 1997 started a fire and caused a shootout.

The proceedings after that we are not sure. But the camcorder that was placed there should know the whole story and is in Yong’s hands and have started playing – so we should he finding the whole story soon.

As of now the only feasible way to kill the zombie is by shooting it in the head as with the body of the Corporal that attacked Son. It’s just a question of whether the villagers or the squad will do it.

It’s also a tough battle between the two team leaders. One of them report to the camcorder guy and has been instructed to get the camcorder back once found – his promotion as a major is on the line. And the Assistant Team leader turns out to be the son of the politician of all people – and is letting his father know everything – because although his father clearly ordered camcorder guy who is in his debt, he doesn’t trust camcorder guy’s abilities.

What can we expect next?

Well the first and obvious thing would be what actually happened at Sector 21 in 1997. It’s definitely more than what we know considering how the politician is revered as the hero from that accident and I’m pretty sure its not because he lost a leg. There’s alos a question of that baby which by the looks of what we know was unscathed throughout the whole shootout – my drama senses tell me it’s Yong – because details about his father are also pretty vague. His mother getting tense when camcorder guy visits may also be due to the exact same reason.

Then the next pressing issue is capturing the zombie which I think will be a combined effort from the villagers and the squad since it’s now freely roaming in the village. The only downside is if any villagers would end up becoming victims to this operation at all. And I don’t recall the first man’s face that we’ll, he definitely transformed into a zombie but what if the other people he attacked have become more zombies? With five more hours of the show to go it may be plausible? Or are they going to kill the zombie and just deal with the drama of the camcorder?

I usually talk about relationships or the story between the main couple but this ain’t a rom com and honestly I hope they don’t waste too much time on the relationship between Son and Yong although by the end of this they may get back together as they do have lingering feelings from what we know until now.

There’s also this thing about the Assistant team leader – from what we know he is a good man – and would he stand with the truth or just blindly listen to his father, who I feel is hiding something sinister? Let’s wait and see!

And that’s the end of this mid run review! What do you guys think we can expect in the next half of the series? Let me know in the comments!

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