The Couch Potato : Search – (K-Drama,2020) – Synopsis vs. expectations

Continuing my journey into the latest K-Drama releases of the last quarter of 2020, this is drama #6! You can check out all the other dramas on my blog under the category “Couch Potato”/”it’s called Hallyu”!

This is the first posts for the 2020 drama Search – not to be confused with an older drama Search:WWW.

While this post would be a look into the synopsis, cast and set aside the expectations on the series, I would also be doing segmented episode recaps, mid run reviews, penultimate episode recaps, and a final spoiler free review if you’re looking for just that. All those links will be linked right below according to its release. Now let’s get into the series!

Episode 1 to 5 recaps

Mid run review

How I think the show will end – predictions

Episodes 6-10 recaps

Spoiler free review


Promotional release poster

The story starts with an incident in Sector 21 in the Korean DMZ between North and South Korea, which is still waging war, in the year 1997. A shootout occurs between soldiers from the two nations with the leader of the South Korean party defecting to the North and the remaining survivors revered as national heroes.

Post describing that incident, the timeline shifts to the present day. Sergeant Yong is almost near to completing his military enlistment and is also a military dog handler. However he gets enlisted in an operation in the DMZ to find some missing soldiers that seem to have been attacked by some wild animals.

He is also accompanied by Son, from the KCST special forces to understand the nature of the animal attacking the soldiers.

However them and their team assigned to this operation understands that the wild animal is a more sinister being than they thought and the incidents in 1997 may have been more than what the people know.

Expectations on Synopsis

Who doesn’t love an exciting military story. A point to be noted is that the series has only ten episodes which means that the story should be exciting, fast paced and engaging.

The synopsis doesn’t give out a lot of details but from the trailer it’s kind of sure that we are dealing with a zombie here – and the origins of the zombie is what the incidents around 1997 is probably tied at.

Now when we hear zombies we might automatically think about Train to Busan (which you must watch if you haven’t especially if you like these zombie apocalypse types). As wonderful as that movie is, I do hope that we don’t get strong vibes of that in this drama here, but instead that it maintains its own unique Identity and story. Of course the setting is entirely different and somehow my guts tell me it will be good and I hope that I feel the same when I’m writing the review for this once the show finishes airing.

Since our protagonist is a military dog handler I feel some good “dogs are human’s best friend” vibes from this drama as well since it was quite specifically tied to the main leads character setup. I hope they don’t go for romantic plot lines here – we are here for the action not a sappy romance we have enough rom-coms for that! I wonder if a lot of jump scares would be there in this one – I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to that, but let’s wait and see on that one!

The Cast

Jang Dong Yoon as Yong Dong Jin

Jang Dong Yoon plays the titular character of Sergeant Yoon – who is the military dog handler who regretfully has to do the mission although he doesn’t want to.

I haven’t seen any of his work before although some of the titles he has worked on have been on my bucket list, but I look forward to see how he would perform as a young Sergeant military dog handler against the zombies.

Krystal as Son Ye Rim

Krystal takes on the role of Son Ye Rim, the special soldier from the KCST special forces that are researching behind the same animal and its sources and why it’s attacking the soldiers in the region.

Krystal has had some previous roles in some pretty well known dramas like Prison playbook and The Bride of Haebak which I haven’t watched yet. From dramas that I have watched she did play a short role in The Legend of The Blue Sea as an air hostess in episode 1 and played I guess her more well known role of Lee Bo Na in the drama – “The Heirs”.

I remember her performance in Heirs as a spoilt, uptight girl amongst the many rich and affluent characters in the series and now that she is performing a role as a military official on a dangerous mission, I’m really excited to see her. As far as military genres go, I rarely see women seen in major action roles. Famous military based dramas like Descendants of the Son had the lead as a doctor and the secondary female lead, in tge military yes, but as a doctor. The role Krystal has also seems to be more of for the scientific study too but I do hope she takes an active part in the action of this mission and not just wait for the team to come back so she can analyse samples and such.

There are many more team members and many other characters from the 1997 DMZ incident as well in the drama and therefore the cast is very large. I am not going to call them as a supporting cast as I don’t know what the story is yet. Usually missions are a team effort and I hope for that too instead of a one-man-show from the main lead. Once the drama has been completed, I will let you know on that too!

So that’s it’s for the synopsis veruss expectations. What do you think you can expect? Are you watching this too? Let me know in the comments!


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