The Nov-Dec Bujo update : Sometimes, it’s okay to not keep track.

I know some of you may be feeling a certain level of morbidity with the title! Haha! And I’m also sure that now you’ve seen both Nov and Dec in my bujo updates it means I didn’t get to update on a spread.

And yes, that’s true. I didn’t get to do a November spread, and I won’t be able to do a December spread either. However at this time I would like to reminisce my 2019 November bujo setup! I actually didn’t do. December spread last year either in preparation for the 2020 one haha! I hope the curse for December lifts in 2021!

I’ve had a lot of things going on and I’ve not even been able to open WordPress as you can see some live drama updates that are zombified on my blog right now.

Earlier when I used to miss schedules it used to drive me mad, especially on my blog where I wanted everything in order. I often gave myself a hard time for the lost time and many other things where in I delayed certain time sensitive posts too. But a lot of things came up, and yes I did procrastinate too and I ended up missing several timelines on my blog. At one point I realised it won’t do me any good to give myself a hard time for missing that especially due to unavoidable circumstances because it kills the joy out of blogging.

Despite that I had a really fun time with my bujo this year because this was when I actually started off the year with a proper bujo system. I am a little disappointed that I did not get to use it as much as I wanted or imagined I would because of the lockdowns associated with COVID and how like millions of others, I was just stuck at home.

Looking back at one year of bujo were there any important things I learnt? Well, yes, two things in fact. One, if you’re going to be travelling or having your bujo for a lot of other stuff including work, a colorful mood tracker may not be the best idea. We would obviously be travelling light and can’t carry a hundred different sets of color pens and markers! This includes year long trackers that require many colors as well!

And although not purposefully, I did end up using two journals this year. One which acted as my bujo and another a page-a-day kind of diary, but that itself made the whole thing cumbersome and made me procrastinate more than I should have.

Other than that I’ve had a fun ride for this year of bujo! And there won’t be a spread for December, not because I can’t but I’m sure I will get lost with the sheer amount of tasks and updating I have left on my blog itself! If you guys have do have any spreads please do link them in the comments! I would love to cheer them on!

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