The Couch Potato : Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – (K-Drama,2020) : Ep 9-12 recap

Hello and welcome back to another episode recap! This time we are checking out the drama DDSSLLS which is airing on Netflix!

At this point of the series things have just settled down for Ra Ra and Jun as they have revealed their feelings but we all know there’s a lot of bitter truth that’s behind the characters, especially Jun. At this point I’m quite invested in the series and the characters and I know there are a lot of tears coming up as I’ve said in my Mid-run review, so I’ve prepared the tissue boxes for that too.

As always the drama recaps on my blog would be having episode recaps, synopsis versus expectations before starting the series, a mid run review, a penultimate episode post on how I think the show would be ending, and a final spoiler free review. You can access all of that, by just clicking the link here! Now onto the recap! As always my commentary on the episodes will be in bold italics.

Episode 9

Ra Ra and Jun are back at La La Land obviously in an elated and romantic mood after their very impactful date. Unknown to them the goon Jun’s mother hired is spying on them. He tries calling Jun’s mother but since she’s with Jun’s father, ends up not picking the call. Frustrated the goon wonders what to do when he sees the creepy guy staring at La La Land. The goon eventually follows the creepy guy only to be attacked from behind and knocked out and have his wallet and phone stolen. He is however taken to the hospital by the hairdresser mom. Meanwhile the creepy guy realises that Jun is a missing and wanted boy.

The creepy guy

Meanwhile Ra Ra and Jun are later at the Grandpa’s place and he reminisces his story of how he met his wife, only to break up with her and meet her again by coincidence again, and they end up marrying. This whole story that is narrated by grandpa is shown on screen with Jun and Ra Ra representing the characters. It’s shot in an old style, with the old fashion and ways of speaking and it’s just adorable. Although I don’t want to see too much into this,is this perhaps how things are going to end for Ra Ra and Jun? I mean we all know the pair will be seperated once the truth about Jun is out, or his mom arrives, or both.

It’s also shown that Jun’s father senses his wife is hiding something and questions the people around his wife, threateningly so.

The creepy guy brings in a bouquet for Ra Ra which she declines, and the divorced ladies group realises he’s the culprit from before and he stomps away angrily. He confronts Jun out of anger and has a small scuffle with him as well. We have not seen the end of creepy guy.

Meanwhile the ladies and everyone is impressed by Jae Min’s talent at the piano and forms an impromptu fan club to support him at the competition that Ra Ra has been training him for as well.

On the day of the recital Jae Min is approached by creepy guy saying Ra Ra asked him to pick Jae Min, but Jae Min refuses. Creepy guy pulls Jae Min hard dislocating his hand. That evil evil guy! Ugh! Poor Jae Min! Jae Min hides the fact he is injured but he fails to play at the competition and cries only for Ra Ra and the others to stand up and clap for him, like her father did all those years ago. That was such a sweet scene.

The group then assembles at a barbecue place to enjoy and it’s all nice and sweet until Ra Ra who went to move her car doesn’t come back. She’s kidnapped by creepy guy on the guise of moving her car! The episode ends with Jun locating her whereabouts from when he followed the creepy guy in the initial days. An epilogue shows how creepy guy bumped into Ra Ra in Seoul and has an interest in her. He keeps her ID that she lost, which is how it all started. Whenever I see scenes like this I wonder how sick these kind of stalker guys are, it is just so scary too! Poor Ra Ra! I love how we are having a shift in the storyline now!

Episode 10

The episode starts with how Ra Ra is kidnapped and how Jun finds her. By the time Jun finds her , she in unconscious and a scuffle between Jun and the creepy guy ends up with creepy guy hitting his head and losing consciousness. A worried Jun calls grandpa worried he’s killed the creepy guy. Later the police find out he is the missing Jun and the creepy guy is unconscious and the police found he has committed a lot of crimes including a murder. The murder from before?

Eventually what we feared finally happens. Jun’s mother takes him away and Ra Ra is devastated to find out the news after she wakes up in the hospital. Jun however makes an escape for it in between and calles from Seung Ki’s phone to meet Ra Ra at the ferry.

A hassled Ra Ra still in her hospital gown metes Jun at the ferry port only to find his mom there. But to everyone’s surprise Jun’s father arrives and takes them all away as Ra Ra is left heart broken. An epilogue shows how Jun’s mother finds Ra Ra when Jun calls her to meet up. Aaahhhhh my heart! How are they going to fix this? Howww?

Episode 11

Jun and Ra Ra don’t seem to be taking their separation easily – Jun has resorted to starving himself to get at least his phone back and Ra Ra seems to be over eating and highly energetic. And a month goes by like this.

Grandpa approaches Ra Ra to tell her his wife’s first death anniversary is coming and they plan to prepare a recital for Grandpa where he can play his wife’s favorite song – a Maidens prayer. Seeing Ra Ra distraught over Jun , Grandpa recounts the rest of his story on how he did miss his wife to meet her again, and how a coincidence is what brought them back together – which happens to be connected to this song.

Seung Ki and the hair dressers daughter decide to find Jun once and for all and sees him being carted off to a hospital after collapsing.

After an emotional recital by Grandpa , it was really really emotional, Ra Ra receives a letter from Sunsoo foundation which Jun hid and sent amongst the other letters for the foundation. In contains the notes of the song they played together – The Pleasure of Love. As Ra Ra plays the song, Jun comes running in, much to her shock.

An epilogue shows Jun exchanging his bed at the hospital with Seung Ki as he pretended to faint, and runs off to see Ra Ra. Aside from the emotional ties along with Grandpa, a lot didn’t happen here. I really hope they’re not gonna stretch the episodes into nothing, it has been a decent run so far!

Episode 12

Jun and Ra Ra have a tearful meet up and they finally talk everything out. Jun spills out his entire story and Ra Ra tells him how she remembers seeing him at her recital which was actually the first time they met. They separate , but promising to keep in touch. Jun gets his phone back and studies hard to study advanced math and not medicine like his family wants. Thanks to his phone being with him, he is able to keep in touch with everything.

But his keeping in touch does seem to have it’s cons as he seems to be rushing over to Eunpo for every little thing much to his parents distaste. This leads to Jun’s mother visiting Ra Ra.

Meanwhile Eun Seok reveals that he met Ra Ra for the first time at the graduation recital too as her recital made him laugh a lot when he was actually very depressed and was relying on sleeping pills at the time . Meanwhile Seung Ki and Hae Yeong hatch up a business plan to start after high school with the money gathered for their college tution.

Worried about Jun, Ra Ra breaks up with him to concentrate better on what’s important for him and although they pledge to be in touch she doesn’t seem as optimistic.

Some time later, as Jun waits at the hospital he overhears Ra Ra’s ex-fiance’s shocked remarks at seeing pictures of Dr.Cha getting married to Ra Ra. Jun runs over shocked to indeed see them both walking down the aisle. I’m shook too, but something tells me this is part of Had Young’s and Seung Ki’s business plan? Jun stops the couple and runs away with the bride. A confused Ra Ra simply follows him while Dr. Cha’s ex, and Ra Ra’s ex watch, shocked at the runaway bride.

Soooooo, I don’t know where they are planning to take this story to, like I just can’t wrap up on any huge event – the truth is out, they’ve broken up for the tragic element and I’m quite sure she won’t turn to Dr. cha – how is this going to progress? I have more confusion than thoughts actually! What do you think? Meanwhile for all the other posts on the series just click the link at the top!

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