The Couch Potato : Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – (K-Drama,2020) – Ep 13-16 recap (final)

Our leads Jun and Ra Ra are now separated by their fates but how will these two work it out? From the looks of it, the final quartet of episodes seem to be focusing on how these two will conclude their story, or start their story to forever.

As always TV series run throughs on my blog have synopsis versus expectations, episode recaps, mid run reviews, final episode predictions and spoiler free reviews if you’re looking for just that. You can find all the related posts to this series by just clicking on the link here! Now onto the recaps!

Episode 13

And our guess on the last episode is exactly right. Dr.Cha and Ra Ra weren’t marrying. They were just pretending to so that Seung Go and Hae Yeong who started a wedding planner company can shoot a vlog on it. Unfortunately Jun interrupted their live stream and ran away with the bride! Although I do feel Jun’s dramatic scene might help their page gain more views!

Meanwhile the goon has now started to live in Eunpo port along with Dr.Cha as well. Although Dr. cha was a little miffed about it, he finds out that the goon cooks really good food and is happy. Meanwhile the goon is tasked with another job – to find who Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is. And the first clue comes via the piano – looks like Grandpa was the one who sent it. But the timings is so accurate – Grandpa gets a heart attack and is unconscious and in the hospital.

Grandpa’s son arrives and announces he is going to sell La La Land and all other assets in Eunpo and move back to Seoul with his father. In a rush to get more money, Ra Ra decides to meet with her father’s secretary. The man who for some reason we have been neglecting this whole while when it looks like he tricked her dad and took all the money?

But on arriving she sees that her father’s old secretary now acts in dramas as a chairman of sorts to make ends meet. Despite that he does give her some cash but it’s nowhere near enough to make sure La La Land is not sold. Well, they kind of threw me off. I thought we will face a lot of drama with this secretary guy, but the show has thrown the predictability of that character way out of the way! I’m surprised but it’s kind of nice that the show makers have thrown off the viewers like that! A really nice curveball!

But the ending of the episode changes things around. The new wedding business actually got some new clients as it went viral over the internet and Dr.Cha has decided to buy La La Land and the premises so that Ra Ra won’t have to move out. Ra Ra is crazily indebted to Dr.Cha like FR.

The episode ends with Jun choosing rings – i know his parents are rich but he carries around enough money for a ring? – when a girl enters the store and the two seem to know each other. Oh nononono – please please please not a love triangle, not now! Please! An epilogue shows that Jun has stole the teacup that Ra Ra was keeping for her future husband. LOL.

Episode 14

Looks like the new girl is Jun’s and Ji Jun’s friend from school. In the flashback it’s shown she had an interest to Ji Hun but in the present day she reveals she likes Jun. Ugh. I’m not a fan of love triangles and not at this last moment either. The episode also has a montage of scenes that show the warm relationship between Ha Yeong and her mother.

It also looks Ha Yeong is now dating Seung Hi after he finally reveals with a huge romantic setup on how he’s liked her from the time they were kids. This adorable dub plot is a breath of fresh air in this whole drama.

Meanwhile Ra Ra and Jun are set to meet on a date and Jun is picked up by the girl of all people and falls asleep in her car – the story indicates that the girl drugged him – like what? Later Ra Ra upset goes to Jun’s home to see the girl leaving his place. The girl comes over and upsets Ra Ra by talking to her on how Jun was with her. Petty girl what is wrong with her. Aaahhhh!

Ra Ra has the goon follow Jun and sure enough she gets pictures showing Jun has a girlfriend. To make matters worse, Jun comes and breaks up with Ra Ra leaving her a tear filled wreck. What is even going on? They’re suddenly amping the drama levels like crazy!

What’s even worse is that Ra Ra’s piano teacher is coming back and when picking her up from the airport, she sees Jun and the girl leave as well. And the episode ends there.

I just don’t understand how one girl who came from nowhere could impact the story this way. Now we are all sure, there is more to the story, but I’m not happy about this. Of all the ways the story could have gone!

Generally the final two episodes are the finale in a K-Drama. The second last episode tends to be the one that releases all the suspense whereas the final episode acts more like a conclusion. If you want to check out the prediction post on the ending so far, just click here, or keep reading!

Episode 15

The beginning of the episode reveals that Jun wasn’t actually leaving but was just accompanying the girl as she left.

As Ra Ra tells her teacher about everything that happened, her teacher asks her to be strong and to do what she always does to releive her pain – play the piano.

And it looks like Jun isn’t really the bad guy as Ra Ra finds out through Dr. cha that the land and the building were bought by Jun by requesting to his mother in exchange for going to medical school like his parents want. Ra Ra also finds out that the pictures showing Jun dating the girl were staged as well.

As Ra Ra rushes to meet Jun we can see that Jun jas already left, becuase he needs treatment as he has been diagnosed with leukemia. Whut. Oh nonono. They took this route for the story? Seriously? No nonnooo.. this is not spiralling to become a good conclusion! I expected a better twist!

A flashback shows how Jun and Ra Ra met at a cafe when she screamed for the last serving of watermelon juice. Jun was interested in her from them but she had to leave abruptly and the contact information she left with him on a napkin had flown away. It’s then shown that Jun liked her all along but wasn’t able to as his best friend had a crush on her. Although him meeting her at the wedding and later at Eunpo was a coincidence, it intensified his feelings. Ra Ra remembers this too and notices the name of the cafe where they met – Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. With that Ra Ra realises that Jun was DDSSLLS all along and texts him on Instagram. Jun rushes to her and the two reunite.

Jun asks for some time to settle things at Eunpo. He says goodbye and lies to Ra Ra saying he is going to a school abroad, when in fact it’s actually for his treatement.

The epilogue shows Jun having a tearful goodbye with Seung Gi. I’m not happy that they chose this ending for Jun out of all the possibilities but I can’t help but become teary due to how we get invested with the characters. Also the part with Jun being DDSSLLS, was maybe obvious but somehow unexpected at the same time. Let’s see how they wrap this up in the final episode. I fear there’s going to be death scare and a return after a few years – if they’re going to take the cliche route.

Episode 16 – Final

The final episode starts with Ra Ra’s and Jun’s long distance relationship – only it’s clear that Jun is struggling a lot with his treatement. Meanwhile Grandpa regains consciousness and Ra Ra gives him a letter Jun left for him where Jun has mentioned the truth about his condition. This rather unique friendship between Grandpa and Jun is really precious.

Amidst this, Ra Ra plans a Christmas concert as she believes that Jun will be back for the winter break. She asks Jae Min, Dr. Cha to prepare with performance and also sends a piece for Jun to practice so that they can plan together. Jun promises to come and practices hard but at the time of the event he doesn’t make it as he says his flight is delayed. Ra Ra however still performs the piece with a video of Jun playing the part he was supposed to perform on video. That bit of the episode really caught me all teary. I mean, the music just speaks volumes here and with it being accompanied by a montage of scenes with Jun and Ra Ra, we can’t help but have our hearts being melted.

Ra Ra waits that night at La La Land for Jun to come in from his delayed flight but it’s his mother that comes – and she has bad news – Jun didn’t make it. This is a huge blow for Ra Ra as she realises Jun has been struggling all along and she never knew or couldn’t help him. The episode then follows all the characters at Eunpo grieving over the loss of Jun. This part here is impactful and although I thought they would do it it feels kind of heavy on the heart now that they have. However if he is going to be “ressurected” that’s gonna be a bummer for sure. It’s not like I’m saying he should be gone but rather it just makes the whole thing a typical drama, you know.

We skip five years into the future and Ra Ra is with a child – hold your horses – it’s Seung Ki’s and Hae Yeong’s baby. Jae Min seems to be off to Germany to learn more about music and it looks like Grandpa passed away too. Dr.Cha meanwhile reunites with his wife and thanks Ra Ra for helping him find his place back in life. The whole thing with his pills was just a scare – they turned out to be vitamins.

Ra Ra goes back to LA La land which is now a successful piano academy and plays the song she always played for Jun only to have Jun come in. Looks like he lied to her so that he can come back to her when he is cured. I-. Whut. Seriously? Okay, I am going to control my feelings and not rant. The two them share their feelings and go into their happy ever after by walking back to LA La land and the series ends.

Aaahhhhhhhh… Why why why did they choose this path? Argh. Now let me say this again it’s not like I feel it’s better he was gone from the story but it just feels so out of place and I feel frustrated with how it ended. DDDSSLLS had a lot of elements that intrigued our attention but I am honestly disappointed with this ending. Killing off leads is one thing – but this whole ressurection thing was just unnecessary and ruined the whole vibe of the drama that I enjoyed all this while. Well more on that in the review. Click the link at the top to read the review!

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