The Couch Potato : Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – (K-Drama,2020) : How I think the show will end

I know the date I’m publishing this post is well past the day the final episode of the series has aired but usually TV series expeditions on my blog even if they’re late have this prediction post because, one, I never check out spoilers, so this what I feel by genuinely not knowing what happens the next few episodes, and when I post about a TV series on my blog it’s about the whole journey through it.

Therefore you would notice that there are synopsis versus expectations post, mid run review, episode recaps, this predictions post and even a spoiler free review if you’re looking for just that. You can read all that by just clicking the link here!

Now this post is intended to be read before the final two episodes of the series because K-Dramas usually have all the huge suspense in the second last episode and use the last episode more as a wrap up because K-Dramas are usually slated for just one season. So let’s check out the 2020 Netflix production – Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol!

Where are we at now?

Me, thinking how the story is gonna be next.

At the beginning of the series we saw Gu Ra Ra, a woman who lost her fiance at her wedding, her father died and her father’s company went broke all on her wedding day.

A cryptic instagram page called Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol whose been sending her comforting words and instances that only she and her father knows makes her try to find out who that is, thinking the person will help and lands in Eunpo, a beautiful port city.

Things are even worse when she lands there because she meets with an accident and is forced to take a huge loan from Jun, with whom she grows close with and develops romantic feelings over the course of the show. Now if you’ve watched the show you would know by now, that Jun is actually a runaway highschooler from a very rich conglomerate family.

Our couple was doing well in a long distance relationship but an old school friend of Jun’s has arrived in Episode 14 and claims she has a crush on him, and at the moment, Jun has broken up with Ra Ra and left with that girl somewhere as well.

What’s next?

When you read through that short summary you would feel this show was a bit of a disappointment but honestly until episode 13 it wasn’t. There is a fresh feeling about the characters and there is an amazing an entertaining entourage of supporting characters that make the show quite good.

As of now, just like you I’m also annoyed they had to introduce this girl and a love triangle like literally out of nowhere.

And although I don’t necessarily predict this I do hope Ra Ra finds someone better and just moves on, that is is Jun really did start dating the new girl.

But from what we know of Jun it’s not a simple matter of that girl that made him break up with Ra Ra. I am sure the show has that one last trump card left to pull out on that to reveal to us.

But what could that trump card be? Honestly I can’t guess at all – because of the pattern that the show has followed until now. In hindsight DDSSLLS is a show that has a lot of cliche drama elements – it had a scary stalker that amped up the romantic appeal, a romantic buildup for the leads, a very different but charismatic second lead, a mystery character – who now seems to be Grandpa , etc.

But so far the show has not fallen under the tag of cliche becuase of how it bent the story and made us feel stupid for how we predicted the show. Sure we knew Ra Ra would have never married Dr.Cha, but we didn’t expect that her father’s secretary was actually just a chairman like actor on set and that he didn’t steal her father’s money!

Because I’m sure the show runners can pull a similar style on us again, I’m not give an open prediction but I’m gonna keep it open. One thing’s for sure – Jun and Ra Ra will end up together – we just need to find out how. What do you think the ending will be like? Let me know in the comments!


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