The Couch Potato : Search – (K-Drama,2020) – How I think the series will end.

This K-drama started off without much fanfare, but has garnered a dedicated audience especially if you have been following its episodes from the very beginning. I am also one of those people and I am very happy that I watched this from the beginning as there is a tight plot, an interesting collection of characters and incidents meshed together. Now, unlike typical K-drama formats this is unfortunately running for only ten episodes, which means, now eight episodes in – its time for our final predictions on how the series ends. Also, I know I am publishing this post way past the end of the show, but I have made sure to stay away from spoilers and am recording my actual experiences of watching this drama!

As always TV series expeditions on my blog have synopsis and expectations, segmented episode recaps, mid run reviews, final episode predictions as well as spoiler free reviews, all of which you can read by just clicking the link here. And if you are wondering why I am giving a final episode prediction right before the last TWO episodes, thats because generally K-dramas, which have just a single season, tend to have the large surprises and reveals in the second last episodes, a more conclusionary note in the last episode, hence this post fits perfectly right before the second last episode. With that being said, let’s jump right into it!

Where are we at now

The story is situated in a fictional area of the Korean DMZ. The entire story is tied together by the incidents that happened in Sector 21 in the year 1997. A team who led an expedition then, had a cross fire because one of the soldiers from the South Korean side started one. A North Korean scientist who was trying to escape with her baby is also shot down in the scuffle with only the baby surviving. As the team captain starts to inform the headquarters about what the South Korean soldier started, the soldier shoots down his team leader and threatens everybody else. Unfortunately for that guy, all of this was recorded on a camcorder brought along with the mission. While all this is happening, another North Korean soldier is shown to be escaping with a radioactive substance, but is injured.

Skip to the present day, that man is now a presidential candidate winning peace medals for his “bravery” in Sector 21 in the year 1997, as he even lost a leg due to a mine that day. Our story starts with military dog handler Sergeant Yong, and KCST Special forces scientist Lieutenant Son who are tasked with others to find a missing soldier in the DMZ. After some time it becomes clear, that this isn’t a simple missing case, as it turns out its some sort of rabid zombie that is behind it all.

Now our story is at a position where it has revealed some major plot points – they have killed the initial targets but now realise that the real host of the infection is elsewhere and is still in the DMZ. It also looks like that host may as well be Yong’s father Captain Jo who was framed as the captain who fled to the north, when in fact he was shot down by his subordinate in 1997, while framed to have fled to the North back home. And the little baby that survived seems to be Son as well, as her parents have been shown to be unknown, and it was a baby girl that survived the battle that day. To make matters worse the Asst Team Leader of the current operation is none other than the politician’s son, and the team leader of this project has sided with the politician as well who is still having a ot of influence despite the truths about the 1997 incident leaked to the press by his own son.

What can we expect for the finale?

Although the show had a lot of twists and turns and kept us captivated, at this point in the story the story seems to be very clear on how it will end – I believe its the fine details that may thwart us in our predictions!

Yong is definitely going to have an emotional run-in with his father. We know he is not completely human, but he isn’t a complete ,monster either. But this happily ever after might end with that, because the politician is sure as hell going to cause some trouble especially when he finds out that Yong is the old captain’s son. Son is also in for a surprise – its just a question on whether she will find out about her birth parents or not. Dr. Baek who had taken her in did mention he can confide those details, so that seems very likely as well.

As for the politician, something tells me his end, whether he is going to die, or his title, fame and good name stripped from him, will be by his son. Sure the Asst team leader destroyed the camcorder, but after seeing him send the video to the press, understanding that his father will never stop this evil path, he sure has the morals his father doesn’t. And the son stopping the evil father seems like a dramatic and apt plot point don’t you think?

Search doesn’t have a very extensive plot. Extensive in the sense, sometimes the supporting characters may have minor storylines of their own. But in this series, all the characters are tied to the main plot – the zombie-radioactive issue and the incidents from 1997, which is why this predictions post turned out to be simple and straightforward. How do you think the series will end? Let me know in the comments! You can check out all the other related posts on this series by clicking the link at the top!


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