2021 Bujo Update

Yup, it’s another one of my super duper late posts!

I originally wanted to take a small break from a rather intense session of blogging I had until the end of 2020. It was rewarding with the views and other metrics that I received, however I thought a break would be nice! But that break extended way beyond what I expected and 1 and half months have flown by! I already have a lot of posts on severe backlog but the real time sensitive post was my Bujo and five year journal posts. I still didn’t have a lot of time to go for detailed posts like I did last year, however I thought I will share a short post on it!

As always these are my recreations of popular posts I find online and not my original creativity. The original creators will be tagged in the post, so please so check that out!

My bullet journal setup for 2021 is almost identical to my 2020 one except that I removed the “Clean that house” tracker and of course I changed the cover page! Everything else is the same and for a better idea you can refer my post here!

My cover page is a direct recreation of yikejournal’s post on Instagram!

I chose this inverted umbrella design for the cover page of my Bujo because let’s face it 2020, really rained down on us. Now just because the new year has started does not mean all our problems have vanished into thin air, but we can start afresh, with the realisation of what really matters and make use of how the situation is.

Because of that, this inverted umbrella design really synced with me and that’s why it has been recreated to the best of my abilities for this bujo cover!

Everything else on my Bujo are simply a repetition of 2020, as I liked the system I maintained last year and did not wish to have too many amends.

Do you do bullet journalling too? Are they your own creations or recreation of other posts? Let me know in the comments below!

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