January 2021 Bujo update

I am super late with my onslaught of Bujo and Five year journal updates, but hey, better late than never! This post is going to be very brief since it’s super late on how I prepared by bujo for January 2021.

As always these are posts where I recreate popular bujo setups by others on the internet as I lack the creativity to create on my own but love recreating it and spending some “me-time” on my journal!

This month I recreated blossom_bujo’s setup that was shared on Instagram! I was not able to procure the exact colors but I tried my best to keep it as accurate as possible as I loved the original color palette in the original post.

Aside from this, the month at a glance, mood and habit tracker, and the weekly layouts are very simple with just a splash of this month’s colors used. The format is the same as what I have done for my previous bujo setups.

The quote for this month is one that I’ve repeated many times over my previous setups and rightfully so. It’s one of my favorite lyrics from the song Tomorrow by BTS. It somehow manages to align with the theme of several kinds of setup that I have done in the past!

Do you create or recreate bullet journal setups too? Let me know in the comments!

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