The 5 Year Journal – 2021 – Year 2/5 begins!

Hello and welcome to my rather “better late than never” 5 year journal update!

Let me catch you up on speed with what a five year journal is – it’s basically a book with 365 questions , for which you answer one question a day for a period of five years. There is of course a bonus question to be answered on a leap day!

I was interested when I heard about this project and decided to start it off at 2020. Now that 2020 is over that means I will start on year #2 of the five year project and I couldn’t be more excited! Usually you can get ready made notebooks for this kind of thing but I decided to make my own from questions I got over the internet in a good quality notebook that would survive the wear and tear over five years.

For the last one year I have updated on all the months of year #1. I have introduced the questions that I have answered for that month and the questioned that caused me more interest or thought.

Now that we start year #2, that means we can start comparing answers as we start to write the answers the second time around. And that has me very excited as that’s when the real enjoyment behind the project starts!

I will continue updating my blog on how this project goes!

Do you do any similar projects or interests? Let me know in the comments!

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