The 5 Year Journal – December 2020 Update!

Hello and welcome to my rather “better late than never” 5 year journal update!

Let me catch you up on speed with what a five year journal is – it’s basically a book with 365 questions , for which you answer one question a day for a period of five years. There is of course a bonus question to be answered on a leap day!

I found this project interesting and decided to try it out. You can buy ready made diaries or books with the questions but I decided to make my own by writing in the questions in a good quality notebook that I went and got myself.

The first phase of this project is in 2020 and if all goes well by 2024 December I should be concluding it! I intend to post about it every month until it’s end to take a look at the questions and my responses and how much things have changed over the period of five years.

As always I have chosen the questions after a search on Pinterest, you can find different compilations on Pinterest and other platforms if you want to check it out!

This is the final month of year 1/5 of my 5 year journal! And in excited and curious to know what the final set of questions are!

And what are the questions that grabbed my attention this month?

I have always wondered for questions such as the fourth one would I actually be having an impactful answer to be written that day at all? I’ve thought long and hard about that and I just figured that maybe I can include something significant over the past few days for that question – because mundane and boring days are possible!

I also expect some cheesy answers to come from me for the tenth question but I am more interested to see how the answers will change over the years! I also feel questions 13 and 14 are actually very co-dependent as well. Question 15 is also something I am curious about because for most people the way they talk and the words they use the most frequently don’t change a lot – but I’m the kind of person who gets influenced in the way I talk and express and sometimes even my handwriting and other things if a person in close quarters with me happens to me influence me.

Anyways, that’s that for this month!

Do you also have a similar project? Let me know in the comments!

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