The 5 Year Journal – October 2020 Update!

Hello and welcome to my rather “better late than never” 5 year journal update!

Let me catch you up on speed with what a five year journal is – it’s basically a book with 365 questions , for which you answer one question a day for a period of five years. There is of course a bonus question to be answered on a leap day!

I found this project interesting and decided to try it out. You can buy ready made diaries or books with the questions but I decided to make my own by writing in the questions in a good quality notebook that I went and got myself.

The first phase of this project is in 2020 and if all goes well by 2024 December I should be concluding it! I intend to post about it every month until it’s end to take a look at the questions and my responses and how much things have changed over the period of five years.

As always I have gotten this month’s questions from Pinterest and these are the ones that I answered and plan to answer for the coming five years.

My favourite questions this month? Well it’s about the gallon of gas. I don’t know about other countries but in India gas and other petroleum by products have huge fluctuations in prices and I’m sure whatever change that will come to it is definitely going to shock me! Other questions like bank balance – I fervently hope for a positive response there as well!

There are some unique questions as well, such as the last person we spent quality time with, the last person we hugged, the last bit of furniture we purchased, our “mission” etc – as common as we think these things are I feel it will happen much more rarely than we expect, so I am interested to see how that comes around as well!

Do you maintain a five year journal as well or something similar? Let me know in the comments!

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