The Couch Potato : The Tale of the Nine Tailed Fox – Ep 13-16 (final) recaps

Hello and welcome to my deep dive into the 2020 K-Drama – The Tale of the Nine Tailed Fox!

We have now arrived at the quartet of episodes and ita finally time to see if Yeon can defeat the imoogi and save both Ji Ah and Rang, although things look very complicated, right now.

As always TV series deep dives on my blog consist not just of episode recaps such as this, but synopsis and expectations, mid run reviews, final predictions before the end of a series, and a spoiler free review if you’re looking for just that. To access the posts for this series, go ahead and click right here!

As always the episode recaps will be kept as brief as possible with as much details, and my commentary will be highlighted in bold italics.

Episode 13 – The Other Imoogi

And yup, things are as bad as we expected. The imoogi has sort of devised this master plan to split itself into two – kind of like the body at one place, and the heart at the other, making sure a crucial part is in Ji Ah, so that Yeon has no other choice but kill her to kill the imoogi. You gotta give it to the imoogi, as evil as it is anyways. Because I don’t know about you but I didn’t expect it to this extent maybe? Yeon calms down a terrified Ji Ah, as she too has realised that they’re knee deep in trouble.

To make matters worse, Grandma has decided to take actions of her own and have entered 2020 (the present) as the time of death for Ji Ah, in order to stop all this chaos. Aahhhh, she is going to lose Yeon like she lost her son at this rate. However I can’t come to hate her for this because if you think about it, she took a logical decision within her power for the greater good? Where do we draw the line when it’s between family and the greater good? Just some food for thought!

Meanwhile the imoogi has finally finished up the use of the CEO, especially now that he has betrayed him, and asks him to continue living his life as the criminal he is. Hit him hard that one when the whole point he turned out like this was due to the unjustness he faced when he was branded a criminal.

Meanwhile Grandma and Grandpa get into a fight now that he found out about how Ji Ah’s death date was altered and begs her to not make the mistake she made with their son, with Yeon. But she insists to do it for the greater good. Aahhh.

Meanwhile we get a short break from all the drama with a small romantic getaway until of course their problems come crashing back as they realise the reality, and start to ready themselves mentally for it. I’m not sure if this romantic break was necessary in the episode, but yeah, let’s just go with the flow then.

Meanwhile Imoogi arrives at Rang’s place and takes Yuri with him, guess he needs a new assistant, leaving Rang with a berry to heal in exchange for her support. The CEO meanwhile unconsciously turns himself on all the whole bothered by the mark on his forehead.

Meanwhile the a rumor is heard about the old fortune teller who Yeon is on the lookout for, that he happens to be one of the gods of the underworld who sometimes wanders around on his own.

Now everyone gathers at Yeon’s place to decide on how to solve the problem at hand. This is when Yeon mentions about how the wandering god who sometimes appears as a fortune teller has a special sword that kills only the spirit and not the physical body. He said it’s in the possession of the owner of the Snail Bride restaurant, and they can use it tonight on Ji Ah. Now we all know that the solution is not going to come to us so easily here.

Meanwhile it looks the “plague” of the imoogi has started as people seem to be getting a chickenpox like fever and vomits out an egg of all things. 🤢 That scene made my stomach turn a little.

That night they prepare a room at the restaurant with a boundary of horse blood to contain the imoogi. The plan is once it is released from Ji Ah it will be trapped into the body of a snake Yeon has brought with him. He guarantees the imoogi can’t enter him unless he’s unconscious and Ji Ah asks if his spirit can be slain with he sword, to which he answers – yes. See I have a problem with this,why tell her all this? The imoogi might be hearing too?!

Yeon slashes Ji Ah but he is renderd unconscious by , yup, the imoogi who was in Ji Ah all this time. Immogi-Ji-Ah plucks a scale from her neck and puts it in Yeon’s mouth which he instantly spits out and takes and says – “so this is how you transfer souls huh” and threatens to trap him in the snake. The imoogi scoffs and says if he is trapped in the snake he will make sure Ji Ah suffers too which stops Yeon. Looks like this whole setup including the spiritual sword was fake so that Yeon could figure out the methods of the imoogi. Well, I guess this is better than a failed plan, like I feared.

The imoogi is on full rage as bodies drop dead as he walks by. Meanwhile Grandma has finally entered the full death date for Ji Ah – today. Grandpa has had about enough and leaves Grandma.

Episode 14 – Dead End

Yeon hears from Grandpa about the altering of the date of death and goes to fight about it with Grandma. Meanwhile Ji Ah nearly gets killed by a brakes-not-working-truck-hurdling-at-full-speed, onle for it to be stopped by Grandpa.

Rang is worried that things are going out of hand now that the Gods are involved in this as well. Meanwhile at the Immigration office for the dead, Yeon tries to start a fight with Grandma but then drops it and asks her why. She says that Ji Ah is the crucial part that must be killed before the other part can be killed. Yeon begs and asks her for three days time to fix this, or he can slay herself. She disagrees to more bloodshed now that she has literally nothing to lose, but Yeon begs her. I’m sure he can get through to her somehow.

Meanwhile we see Rang on a totally different note as he babysits his reincarnated puppy at home covered in stickers, his home littered with toys. I know this isn’t central to the plot but I couldn’t help adding it, this is adorable. Rang is my favorite character and I just want him to have a happy ending.

Meanwhile the plague situation is going out of hand as Ji Ah’s team leader is affected by it and is taken into the care of the restaurant owner. People around it seem to be dropping dead as well in large numbers.

Meanwhile the imoogi gets quite bold and tries to harm Ji Ah’s parents just when Yeon appears and saves them and strikes a deal – to bring down Grandma together and weild the ultimate power. The imoogi is shocked but he doesn’t say no either.

We later come to know that Yeon’s hidden plan is to ingest the scale and have the imoogi come inside him so that both of them can fall into the Samdo river together – because once you call in there, you can never reincarnate. I do not like the sound of this.

Rang seems to have freed the CEO and given him a gun as he realises Yeon is out on a suicide mission. We next see the CEO pointing the gun at Ji Ah. We hear three gunshots and the scene fades. Oohh Rang.

Meanwhile the owner of the Snail Bride restaurant realises that Ji Ah’s team leader is her husband reincarnated.

Yeon waits and finally gets a call from the imoogi agreeing to Yeon’s plan. Aaahhhhh.

Now the next two episodes are from finale week and it’s time to place our final predictions on how the show will end. Click here to read more on that!

Episode 15 – You Are My Destiny

As expected Ji Ah dis not get killed. The firat bullet grazed her and awakened the imoogi which proceeded the to shoot the next two bullets at the CEO and thrust her hand in his wound and end his life. Her friends watch this horrified and she starta tormenting them until Ji Ah snaps out of it and the imoogi disappears.

Meanwhile Yeon and the imoogi to plan to take down Grandma with the sleeping draughts initially prepared for Yeon after which the imoogi will take care of the rest. They plan to do it noon the next day. Yoo To watches from the background as the two discuss their plans.

It’s that time of the episode now – the time to say goodbyes.

Yeon says goodbye to Shin Joo and tells him his plan as he definitely needs help. Although horrified Shin Joo agrees to help. Shin Joo is given a deed to an apartment of his own as an early wedding gift. As Yeon leaves Shin Joo asks him why he was saved all those years ago to which Yeon answer that it was his revenge against the other mountain god for stealing his hard boiled egg, because he always saves his for last. Trust Yeon to have the most childish reasons for huge decisions.

Meanwhile Ji Ah meets up with Rang and tells him she won’t tell Yeon he was behind the CEO coming to kill her. Rang then confides Yeon’s suicide mission details to Ji Ah and she says at the worst case scenario, she will kill herself. She and Rang then team up to save Yeon as well.

Yeon later has a meal, which we know is the final meal with Rang and even gives his precious hard boiled egg to his baby brother. I’m not crying you are. Ugh I just love these two so much!

The imoogi hasn’t bought Yeon’s plan completely either as he asks Yoo Ri to stop whoever Yeon brings to help, which happens to be Rang as Yeon asks for his help in case of any unforeseen events. The owner of the Snail Bride restaurant begs Grandma to reconsider for the sake of Yeon and Grandpa but she doesn’t budge.

While Yeon goes out for all the typical final date scenes in a drama, which feels out of place just like last time considering how serious things are, he receives a call from Grandma. She finally tells that she will help him and gives him a sword to strike Ji Ah with so that the imoogi will become one and she can turn it into stone. About time!

However things do not go according to plan. Imoogi Ji Ah holds back Yeon with all the puppets he made out of Shin Joo and the others while Terry visits Grandma and to her shock he has the same face of her son. Damn, that’s twisted. Terry mentions about how he infected her son’s wife with the plague first and how everything went downhill, Grandma turns to attack but is turned to stone by the Mirror of the Moon that Terry stole from the magistrate a few hours back.

Yeon arrives and its too late as Grandma is now a stone statue. Ji Ah starts transforming in pain and he finally tearfully agrees to swallow the scale. Ji Ah hearing this points the gun at herself to end things but Yeon stops her. He swallows the scale and by the timme Rang arrives he’s too late.

The doors to Samdo open up and Yeon asks Rang to kill Terry as he wants his last moments to be himself. Rang doesn’t but finally gives the lethal blow to Terry as Yeon begs him. Yeon gives a final look at Ji Ah and falls into the Samdo river with Terry and Ji Ah’s half of the imoogi much to Ji Ah’s and Rang’s horror. It’s painful because an alternative was possible, but in the end they had to go for this. Aahhh.

Episode 16 (final) – A rewritten tale of the gumiho

If you still thought that Yeon survived, you’re sadly mistaken as he has fallen to his death. The good news is that the imoogi has completely vanished and the plague has ended. However Ji Ah is lost and keeps coming to beg Grandma and grandpa for a way to save Yeon although Grandma affirms there is no way.

Rang isn’t doing any better either as he is drinking heavily tormented about what happened that day.

Ji Ah continues to visit the immigration office until Grandma finally meets her and tells her to give up as there is no return once he voluntarily falls into the river. Shin Joo also meets up with Ji Ah and Rang on request of Yeon before he died and tells them to forget everything and live happily as that’s what Yeon would want.

To make matters worse for us, Yeon has left a video letter for Rang *cue the tissues and tears* as he asks him to live a nice life as he now has a family to take care. Ji Ah meanwhile takes things in her own stead and decides to make a documentary about Yeon as she waits for him to come back while reliving his memories with the people who k ew him. Aaahhh she has decided to choose the path of everlasting pain.

The episode later features a letter from Yeon to Ji Ah as well *cue more tears*. Meanwhile life seems to moving ahead as Shin Joo married Yoo Ri and lives with her, puppy boy and Rang of all people haha!

Looks like Grandma never did give up on Yeon as she is shown to be calling and screaming at her brother Hades, for help, to no avail. And Grandma’s not the only one as Ji Ah and Rang are as well.

At this point they meet the fortune teller who is the god in charge of reincarnations. He says he is ready to exchange Yeon’s reincarnation for another exchange. Ji Ah suggests giving her memories with Yeon but the fortune teller asks for her remaining life span instead. She agrees immediately which angers Rang as Yeon sacrificed his life so she can live. At this point the fortune teller notices Rang and says his lifespan would do. Uh oh. Rang agrees since his life is on borrowed lives anyways and asks his family to meet him before the hourglass runs out.

This next sequence may be the most pain I felt in this series as Rang’s family runs to him at the nick of time to see him disappear with a flash of light. That was, painful. Really. I loved his character so much and this was a sacrifice I didn’t want to see.

And as expected Rang’s sacrifice did not go to waste as Yeon got reincarnated, this time as a human.

Ji Ah and Yeon are reunited and Yeon happily notices the effects of all of Rang’s good deeds and is pained as Rang has left him a video letter wishing to be reborn and reunited with his brother once again. Enough with the pain, I can’t take it anymore!

Ji Ah and Yeon tie the knot and all the characters settle into their happy lives. The series ends with Yeon picking his umbrella and wielding his sword with his eyes yellow at something – he’s still a gumiho! Season 2 perhaps?

Wow! And that’s a wrap to the series! What did you guys think? I have a spoiler free review linked at the top so please do check that out as well!

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