The Couch Potato : The Tale of The Nine-Tailed Fox – How I think the show will end

Hello and welcome to my TV series deep dives at The Couch Potato! This deep dive is into the South Korean 2020 series – The Tale of The Nine Tailed Fox!

Now that I am writing this post it means I have just the final two episodes left – the finale episodes. Generally K-Dramas have all the finale moments in the second last episode and a more conclusionary note in the final episode since most K-Dramas air just for a season in a mini- series format.

TV series deep dives on my blog consist not just this but Synopsis and expectations, mid run reviews, segmented episode recaps, prediction posts such as this and a final spoiler free review. You can read them all for the tale of the nine-tailed fox, by just clicking the link here!

Where we are at now.

All the questions at the point of writing the mid run review are sort of answered now. We know what happened between Ah Eum and Yeon. Ah Eum had given up her body to save her father from the imoogi, but the imoogi using that tries to take over Yeon which led to Ah Eum making a vow with Yeon and killing herself, only to be reincarnated 600 years later with the fox bead Yeon entrusted in her so that he will know it’s her when she is finally reborn.

Yeon and Ji Ah

As expected Yeon and Rang have made up and are have finally gotten over their problems. Although commanded to end Rang’s life, Yeon purposefully missed in order to carry out his duties but save his brother who he loved. The bromance with this is heart warming and truth be told I want to see more of these two brothers than the main couple to be honest! Is it just me or is Lee Dong Wook an ace at the bromance category? As simple as it may look the chemistry for a good bromance or friendships, familial bonds etc are more harder to depict convincingly on screen than typical romantic relationships that we are used to. That’s what I feel anyways. Because such relationship are simple yet complex and very relatable to everyone. In order for such a bond to feel like it touched our heart, that’s some on screen chemistry I highly appreciate.

The fox brothers

Coming to our villian as expected he does have the upper hand now. It seems like he learnt his past mistake and this time decided to split himself into two – this time with a very important component of his in Ji Ah which Yeon can’t do anything about as it may harm Ji Ah.

Yeon has however figured out that the imoogi transfers between bodies with its scales and Yeon has managed to get that into his possession. Out of options and time, Yeon has agreed to a suicide mission with the imoogi to bring down Hade’s sister, Talupia, who I have referred to as “Grandma” throughout the posts. She is the head of the immigration office for the deaf and bringing her down will give untold power to the imoogi. However Yeon plans to swallow the scale at the last minute and take Ji Ah’s imoogi and the main immogi with him into the Samdo river at the gateway to the heavens. Because once you fall into the Samdo river, you will never reincarnate again.

How I think the show will end

Now one thing about this show is that there aren’t too many complications. The story and the information are laid out to us in a sequential manner, so we don’t need to put too much thought into how it will progress unlike more complicated plotlines. Therefore considering what we know, and how the show has progressed so far – my guesses are as follows.

Yes, Yeon will sacrifice himself. Sounds cruel how all Yeon wanted was a human life with Ji Ah, but there really is no way out of it because if he doesn’t do something Grandma won’t hesitate to kill Ji Ah either. And considering the word he has with her and the long wait he endured for his one true love, he will definitely sacrifice himself.

The imoogi in Ji Ah

The only question is to what extent Yeon’s plan will work – will there be any casualties?

I have a feeling there will be – and that’s Rang.

Rang and Yeon have had a beautiful arc in their relationship and somehow it feels so good that I am pretty sure it’s coming to an end.

At this point in the story we know that Rang is aware of Yeon’s suicide mission. He released the CEO to kill Ji Ah, but we all know that it’s not going to work out that easily. Rang being aware of the plan means that he might even throw himself in for Yeon?

It feels like it’s a happy ending for the main couple bit could it be at the expense of Rang who will take the imoogi into Samdo? I doubt the story can pull it’s imagination so much as to bend the rules of the heavens and the Samdo river to have Yeon be reborn? That makes me feel like there is only one option left – which is tk sacrifice Rang, and let me tell you I’m not looking forward to that!

Aside from these main points I don’t expect huge shifts for the large array of supporting characters on the show – they would probably have expected happy endings – like maybe Yoo Ri and Shin Joo will get married (since he was carrying around a ring to propose). I also feel that the whole Ji Ah’s parents thing has played to its maximum extent so they’re probably gonna leave that at where it is now too.

Well those are my predictions for the show! It’s never too late to predict especially if you’re watching the show much later after it airs. Its still fun to guess! Let me know in the comments what you feel!

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