A huge Playlist update!

For some time now, I’ve always been beginning my posts with “I know I’m late, but” since I have not been able to post regularly since November. Most of the posts on my blog, are not time sensitive but the ones that are, are my bujo setups, five year journals and monthly playlists. I have caught up with all the posts for those, and for tha playlist I decided to upload a mega playlist with all my recent favorites compiled since I haven’t been able to do any since November, other than the introduction to BE by BTS.

So it’s gonna be huge,but it’s gonna cover a lot. I always have a tendency to save my favorite tracks from an OST of a show I watched so you will find that most of them in this are such! Let’s go!

As always you can listen to the playlist on Spotify or watch them on YouTube.

Something by Kang Daniel

From the OST of the 2020 K-Drama – Backstreet Rookie

Kang Daniel is a name I frequently find on K-Drama OSTs and some of my favorites happen to be sung by him along with other favorites like Gaho. I was putting aside finishing this drama since I didn’t like it as much as I hoped I would. But that didn’t stop me liking this dreamy melody!

Treasure by Colde

From the OST of the 2020 K-Drama – Backstreet Rookie

I’ve always liked Colde’s laid back way of performing his songs especially like his other songs “You Dog Loves You”. This one’s another one like that I found while checking out the drama – Backstreet Rookie!

Naina Da Kya Kasoor by Amit Trivedi

From the 2018 Bollywood film, Andhadhun

You know those songs that have a continuous and energetic beat that you just hum it along all day? That’s this song from Andhadhun got me. The movie was quite serious but this song was a seriously happy song to go by as I finally caught up to this exciting movie.

No Problem by Dvwn

From the 2020 K-Drama, The Uncanny Counter

There were some AMAZING shows that wrapped up 2020 and “The Uncanny Counter” happens to be one of those. Out the OST my favourite tracks was this one, the melancholic “No Problem” and –

Meet Again by Sejeong

From the 2020 K-Drama, The Uncanny Counter

“Meet again”!

This one was sung by Sejeong who was also one of the leading actors in the drama as well as she portrayed the fierce Counter – Ha Na.

Strange (feat. Hillary Smith) by Kris Bowers

From the Netflix original series, Bridgerton.

We all love so many things about Bridgerton, but the soundtrack , especially the covers really stood out to me. In My Blood, Mercy, bad guy were all really good and somehow fit in the show but this one was my top favorite hands down!

34+35 by Ariana Grande

From her 2020 single – 34+35

This sassy, typical Ariana Grande hit was probably on your playlists before I even mentioned it, I’m sure.

Neeye Bhoovin by Sooraj S Kurup and Renuka Arun

From the 2020 Malayalam movie – The Great Indian Kitchen

A bold calling out of patriarchal practices in the normal Indian household, this ending song and it’s video was an icing on the cake as it cemented the theme of the movie.

Some by Bol4

From the 2019 album, Red Diary, Page 1.

This song isn’t a new addition to my playlist, but a song I missed out while transferring my music across some devices. YouTube suggestions helped me chance on it again, and here I am again!

Starlight by Cha Ni

From the 2020 K-Drama, “True Beauty”

Amongst the dramas that helped us through the end of 2020- True Beauty would definitely come in the list although it did cause us some serious second lead pains as well (Han Seo Jun 😭). Amongst all the songs on the album, this one was my top pick, played at the most vulnerable moments of the characters and holding deep meaning for the characters this version of Star Light is my top pick!

The Main theme of Start-Up

From the 2020 K-Drama, Start Up

BGM and instrumental tracks are often forgotten but pivotal when relaying the story in a series. This pick came about because the song helps me feel an insane amount of optimism and motivation, like I could conquer the world and have a successful start up like Dal Mi and Do San in Start Up,hehe. This drama too brought about an insane cases of the Second Lead Syndrome via *coughing tears* – Han Ji Pyeong, so much so he trended more than the drama sometimes!

Lovin’ You by Coldabank

From the 2017 album – Lovin’ You (Thomas Rasmus Chill Mix)

I found this song while sifting through for songs from the Netflix series, Sex Education and couldn’t stop grooving to it for weeks!

Ghosting by TXT

From the 2020 album- Minisode 1 : Blue Hour

I’ve said this before on many of my previous playlists when I mention TXT, that they are one of my most favorite 4th generation Korean groups for their versatile discography so early in their career. I have a few favorites from this album, which includes this,

Blue Hour by TXT

The title tracks Blue Hour,

We Lost The Summer by TXT

And the dreamy b-side, We Lost The Summer.

Bong Hwan A by Norazo

From the 2020 K-Drama, Mr. Queen

There are a lot of OSTs in this one playlist summary because I did watch a lot of good shows. I’ve heard a lot of OSTs but I’ve never found one that is as apt as this song is for Mr. Queen. If you haven’t watched this show I will give you a small geist so that you understand the context of the show – a man wrongly accused by the police falls into a pool while being chased and gets approached a mysterious woman. Next thing he owns he is in the body of a princess from history (Joseon period) who is about to wed the King. You can guess the funny antics that follow this and this song is used for the crux of all those funny moments! There are two other songs I really liked from the OST and that is –

Here I Am by Jo Hyun Ah

this one, which was the song dedicated to the main couple because of hard their relationship was being married as they were the king and queen and there were too many political complications. This song also captured the emotions perfectly. The next song is –

Keep Going by DinDin

This one. This too is another song that is used during the comedic sequences in the drama, which was also a perfect addition to the OST.

I Touch Myself by Scala and Kolacny Brothers

This one is from the second season of Sex Education and I found it really trippy and very symbolic of the style of the TV series and ended up liking it a lot!

Ordinary Sunday by Tomohiko Kikuta

From the 1996 drama, Hana Yori Dango

My first ever drama was Boys Over Flowers, the crazy popular drama that has reeled in many people to the drama world. I recently started to explore the other makes of it, especially the original anime and Japanese live action one. This was the theme song of the anime that I got addicted to after listening to it across the 52 episodes.

History Maker by Dean Fujioka

The theme song of the 2012 anime Yuri On Ice.

Speaking of anime OSTs, this one, from Yuri On Ice, also made it to the list after I started surfing through all my favorite OSTs!

Don’t Call Me by SHINEE

From their seventh studio album

SHINEE is a legendary second generation K-Pop groups that has provided amazing and unique beats and hits even before the internet helped spread their music around. After the members completed their military duties they are back, and have arrived with their seventh studio album, and it definitely hasn’t disappointed. The sounds on this sound very SHINEE and they have pulled it off as well.

Fix You (orig. by Coldplay) (cover) by BTS

BTS recently came on MTV unplugged and performed their recent hits from their album, and as a surprise performed this emotional and amazing cover of Fix You! Now there is no official audio of it on Spotify but I have included the video on the YouTube playlist! Strictly not a song rec, but this cover really renewed my interest in this old classic of Coldplay! It was also interesting to see the song to be split across seven people and be harmonised as well.

Eternally by Hikaru Utada

From the 2001 album, Distance.

I mentioned before that I explored the Japanese live action versions of Boys Over Flowers. That naturally led me to add the OSTs from the two seasons and movie of Hana Yori Dango as well. This song, I actually found on a fan made video of HYD on YouTube, and I made sure I had it in the playlist!

Flavor of Life by Hikaru Utada

From the 2008 album, Heart station

If anyone has watched Hana Yori Dango, this song must be on all your playlists. A timeless classic, I don’t think I can ever get enough of it.

Planetarium by Ai Otsuka

From the 2005 album, Love Cook.

This song is also from the Hana Yori Dango series and was used mostly in the first season for the more heartbreaking moments. Die hard fans of the series might start to feel tears stinging your eyes when you hear the song start, I know because that’s how it made me feel!

Wish by ARASHI

From the 2006 album, Arashic

Checking out the Hana Yori Dango OST, it’s inevitable that you won’t find out about Arashi as their tracks are the theme songs for both seasons of the show. Also the lead in the drama is also a member of Arashi – Matsumoto Jun, or also known as MatsuJun. This was the theme song in the first season of HYD. Arashi had an impressive career spanning for more than 2 decades and they’ve just went on their hiatus by the end of 2020. They have a very expansive discography that I am slowly going through, but I would love recs in the comments too!

Love So Sweet by ARASHI

From their 2007 album, Time.

And finally, the theme song from Arashi for the second season of Hana Yori Dango! Another favorite, there seems to be a modern version of it as well with more English lyrics on YouTube!

And that’s a wrap on the playlist! Since most of these are OSTs, this is the first time I may be checking out the work of that artists, therefore more recommendations are.most welcome in the comments!

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