Bullet Journal setup : March 2021!

I feel so much more positive at this point to put up the Bujo posts because for once I’m not late!

Now I’ve been bullet journalling since August 2019 and aside form some unavoidable delays I have mostly updated every month, although it hasn’t become an unavoidable habit.

I’m no artist but I do enjoy the time I spend drawing and coloring. However I lack intense creativity for this and instead choose to do bullet journal adaptation replications from the internet. I try my best to adapt it as accurate as possible! Also, the original posts I referred to will be linked here!

This month I’ve chosen to go for user thebulletjournalcorner’s Instagram post as well as some references from Pinterest for the mood tracker as well as habit tracker!

Although the season is a little off for this, I’ve chosen cherry blossoms as the theme for this month. I’ve always wanted to do a cherry blossom theme but I somehow felt I wouldn’t be able to do justice to intricacies of the branches and flowers that make it unique.

However I was pleasantly surprised with how the results came out. For my skills, I was very satisfied with this one and I bet this might be one of my best this year. Funnily enough I enjoyed doing this a lot I totally forgot I had to fit the name of the month on the cover page as well. And its alignment was too pretty to be cut and pasted otherwise, so I decided to go ahead with that cute mistake to remember how I enjoyed doing this cover page! Also for the color palette I’ve chosen shades of pink and mauve for the blossoms.

But that happiness did come at a cost because it took me quite a lot of time! In fact the only thing I got done that day was the cover page! For this month’s quote I went with the same one I saw on Instagram as well with time splashes of the color theme to denote falling petals.

At this point I really wanted to do a complete flower border for every column of the “month at a glance” but I knew it’s gonna take me eons of time and everything in turn will get delayed further so I went for little blossoms at alternate corners. The end result looked quite simple yet cute, so I ended up thinking that was a good decision too!

Coming to the habit tracker, for the past many months I’ve strayed on a very monochrome almost timetable like format for the habit tracker. I kept updating on the posts that I would try to be more creative with the habit tracker and this time I have. The small monthly block type habit tracker is back! I tried drawing a four pettaled and colored flower at the top but since I’m not blending the colors with water it ended up looking not as pretty as the original post!

For the mood tracker initially I just drew a page full of flowers but after referring Pinterest I got a model of a branch with falling flowers and petals that looked waaayyyy better and went with that!

The weekly layouts are based on the instagram feed of the original post I referred. Thanks to the black Tombow brush pen I didn’t have a hard time filling up all the places with the flowers with a deep black background. As always I went with one color a week, and ended with all four colors for the final week of the month!

Well, that’s my setup for this month! What did you think? Do you do bujo setups too? Link them in the comments to share and let me know any other tips or suggestions!

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