The Five Year Journal : February 2021 update!

Welcome to another one of my monthly posts!

This one will be on the February 2021 update on the five year journal!

And what may a five year journal be, perhaps? It’s basically a journal of sorts where you answer a question a day, for five years and watch how your answers change.

The questions can range from very mundane questions like what you ate, to more thought provoking questions.

I started this venture of the five year journal in 2020 and this is my second year at it, and that means I’ve started to notice changes and shifts in my answers and also realise how some things just don’t change with passing time!

You can read my February 2020 post to see which questions intrigued me the most and why I felt so. If you wanna know what the questions I am answering are, that’s given below –

Question 5 on my health saw me decreasing the score I gave myself due to the weight gain that I have experienced sitting at home for over a year now. On that note, I would like to ask the people who are able to maintain a fixed exercise regime. How do you do it? What helps you not procrastinate? I would love to know in the comments, please do help a girl out!

The answer to question 6 might be the same for many people around the world, and that’s to see the end of this pandemic. I hope the vaccine drives help to accelerate our lives to go back to normalcy, I really do!

Funnily enough, the questions related to my sleep habits remained exactly the same (if you wanna know if I have a healthy sleep cycle, I don’t and hence look like a panda with some amazing dark circles!)

And I’ve noticed something for the past few months that now that we in this pandemic although we try to keep ourselves occupied at home and such, the weight and the sadness we feel from it really does affect us. I noticed that I’ve answered all the questions on moods, and dreams and such with relation to the pandemic that I wanted to end. Some questions actually made me sad, for instance the question about the car. I had plans to finally take the driver’s license test but that didn’t happen at all as well.

And finally for the question on the leap day, naturally we didn’t have a leap day this year so all I did was stare at my answer and hope for a positive feeling when I write it next time!

Do you maintain five year journals as well? Or do you do other similar projects? Let me know in the comments below!

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