The Couch Potato : Private Lives – (K-Drama,2020) – Synopsis vs Expectations

I am continuing on my journey to explore the latest releases for the ending quarter of 2020 in K-Drama world and I am now at drama #3 – Private Lives! The other two being Record of Youth and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

So far the themes of the the previous two dramas were family oriented, romantic comedy and so on – but this sounds like a good thriller and I’m excited to watch this one as an ongoing series! This post will be a synopsis, cast evaluation and would be setting my probable expectations that I get from that. This would follow with episode recaps that are to the point and with my added commentary, mid run review, ending week predictions and spoiler free reviews that I will try my best to link along with the pace of the series. The links for all that will be below –

Episodes 1 to 4 recap

Episodes 5-8 recap

Mid-run review

Episodes 9-12 recap

Final episode predictions

Episodes 13-16 (final) recaps

Spoiler free review


Release poster

The theme of the series is around privacy – what is considered to be private is now freely uploaded by the owners on the internet which causes a fine like between the right to privacy and how people can manipulate that behavior of people.

Joo Eun and her parents are con artists and their projects are often called “documentaries”. As time passes her father executes a huge documentary worth billions with Bok Ki and Jae Wook but is finally cheated and jailed as they leave with the money.

As Joo Eun sets out for revenge, she meets Jeong Hyuk and the story concentrates around these many con artists and how they uncover the bigger picture – something that could affect the entire country.


Seohyun as Cha Joo Eun

Seohyun plays her teenage self as well as her adult self as she tries to take revenge on the people that trapped her father and literally ruined her life. I haven’t watched her in a leading role yet although she did play a memorable role opposite the 13th Prince in Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Go Kyung Po as Lee Jung Hwan

This is the first work from Go Kyung Po that I am going to be watching although he has played roles in popular shows such as Reply 1998. He plays a man running a spy business who gets involved in an even bigger plot along with Joo Eun.

Kim Hyo Jin as Jeong Bok Ki

Another first time artist for me is Kim Hyo Jin who plays the villian who was one of the brains behind some huge schemes that stole people billions of their money.

Kim Young Min as Edward Kim/Kim Jae Wook

A partner with Bok Ki his role in the story goes a little more back than Bok Ki in the story as flashbacks are concerned. Ruthless, powerful, hard to catch and an arsonist are the highlights of his character. We would be quite familiar with him based on the crowd favorite role he played in Crash Landing on You. I’m excited to see him in a more villian like role this time!


A lot of people K-Dramas are mostly cutesy romances or drama surrounding that. I’m not going to say that’s not the case for a good number of them, but there are so many TV shows like that are so thrilling, bound tightly on an intricate plot that keeps us glued onto the screen. I’ve ventured into a few of them like that on my blog and they’re all such gems and so underrated.

When I read the synopsis on this one, I really got those vibes from this. Also considering how much of light and romantic the other shows I am watching may tend to turn out this was my choice to have a variety in my selection.

The plot has not given a lot away, but since it involved several swindlers in the story I am expecting many twists with the characters getting ahead of each other as the plot advances. The whole theme of privacy also intrigued me a lot, and I’m really looking forward to that.

The cast is also mostly new as I haven’t really gone into their work a lot so I’m really hoping that some new favorites result from this as well. There’s nothing better than finding new talent always!

Other than this, I am going to let the show speak for itself and I really am hoping for the best – it sounds promising!

The show is streaming now on Netflix. You can check out all the other associated posts on my blog for this series at the top! Happy watching!


  1. Interesting: I always like revenge type of stories, so this one does sound intriguing😀 That said, am currently still in the middle of Train and Memories of the Alahambra, so not adding another one at the moment. I will keep this one in mind though 😀 Hope you will have fun watching this one!😀

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  2. The script is very intelligent. You need to concentrate to keep your mind clear about who is who and which reality we are in. There is a lot of witty humor that escapes you if you do not pay attention. Seohyun is stunningly beautiful and –according to the situation– vulnerable or vicious. She is many women.
    The theme is deceit. Nothing is like it seems. Everything is ‘a document’.
    The script is exceptionally intelligent, di I already say that?

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