The Couch Potato : Private Lives – Ep 13-16 (final) – recap

And we are at the final recap of Private Lives! The series had a lot of twists and turns and my opinion towards it fluctuated a lot, especially the pace of the show but nevertheless here we are!

As always TV show reviews on the blog are not just episode recaps such as this, but synopsis versus expectations, mid run review, penultimate episode recaps, and a spoiler free review. You can access the links for all these posts by just clicking here!

Now onto the recap! As always the episode recaps have my commentary in bold italics.

Episode 13

The episode starts with GK monitoring the old driver of President Choi and the detectives wonder why he had to die in the first place and what role that has in the grand plan.

Meanwhile Bok Ki and Jae Wook are at each other’s neck, not happy with each other’s presence there with the presidential candidate. Looks like Bok Ki has used her old alias of Sophia Chung to get on the candidates team for the election. Meanwhile Joo Eun enters the private area with Jeong Hwan’s help.

Bok Ki and Jae Wook have an altercation with Bok Ki determined to take revenge on Jae Wook for what he did to her in the past. Back with the candidate, talks stray onto the ledger and how the candidate beleives it’s with GK and that he wants to see it. Jae Wook doesn’t admit to it and the conversation ends at a tense note. Joo Eun spies around but is caught by the lady in charge.

Jeong Hwan rushes to her aid but finds Hyun Kyung who wants to strike an alliance with them, and has even recorded the conversation with the candidate at the hotel now. It also looks like Jae Wook spent a lot of money on the lady in charge of the area as well.

Joo Eun realises that Jeong Hwan had another web of lies. That he was working with Director Oh for her release in jail and that he was actually keeping a close watch on President Choi’s driver too who set himself ablaze later. Joo Eun finds out via Han Son that the head of her father’s church was also President Choi’s driver.

Determined to find more information she goes to the detective agency only to find a masked intruder who knocks her out leading her to call Jeong Hwan to help.

At the police station they are clueless as to why the driver set himself ablaze, and Soo Jin goes and tells the chief she can’t double cross her colleagues anymore. But it looks like Soo Jin is the masked assailant that attacked Joo Eun as she is a spy for GK.

A meeting between Jeong Hwan and the police officer reveal that the driver is in fact alive too. Does anyone actually die in this story, I mean first it’s Jeong Hwan, now this guy. Next thing you know it’s gonna be President Choi that’s alive.

Bok Ki and Jae Wook meet and she mentions how her candidate met up with the president thrice, after which Jae Wook’s family was killed and he came out with gains from all the bloodshed. The mood between the two is tense considering their past and their present emotions mixed together.

As Jeong Hwan rushes to Joo Eun’s aid, she asks him if he was the one who killed President Choi’s driver. Well. I really wanna know whether these two are really helping each other or are enemies. Jeong Hwan’s dark past doesn’t help much here on that note.

Episode 14

Jeong Hwan manages to bring Joo Eun to the hospital on time and she happens to only have minor injuries. The two reciprocate their feelings and agree to work together.

A flashback shows Jeong Hwan following the driver and the scan he was running with the church and Joo Eun’s father. The scene is a little vague but it seems to incline Jeong Hwan has a hand in the driver being missing. The show is confusing even at this point, which frustrates me. Meanwhile Bok Ki’s candidate escapes the fiasco with president Choi in the flashback thanks to the driver. But by the time the court judgement was about to come, President Choi is killed. They’re losing me here it’s just so vague.

As Soo Jin hands over the stolen evidence to GM Kim, another flashback shows him and the director deciding to scrap the church scam as Jeong Hwan brings in the information. Why are there still flashbacks??!!! In the present it’s shown Director Oh was laundering money and Jae Wook wanted his share at that too.

Jeong Hwan realises that Soo Jin is the one behind it but the detective unknowingly introduces her to Jeong Hwan as well.

Bok Ki’s plans meanwhile elevate her candidate appeal rating and Jae Wook is not pleased. Joo Eun confronts her about President Choi’s driver and finds out that the driver was killed for not obeying orders. Joo Eun understands that Director Oh has a huge hand at this.

Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan have another altercation on what is the truth and bonds further but the scenes from the flashbacks that follow indicate Jeong Hwan had a hand at what happened to the driver. I am so confused and annoyed at this point, should I root for this couple or not?

Meanwhile Bok Ki’s candidate uses the ledger and and gains immense popularity while the other candidates rating crashes.

Jeong Hwan finally shows Joo Eun the driver, well and alive, who he had saved all those years ago when he was working at GK, when Jae Wook comes in with an arsenal of guards. Uh oh. When things were finally clearing up. How does Jae Wook know everything? Is this the effect of the GK privacy project?

For a penultimate episode predictions click the link here! K-Dramas tend to have all the huge revelations in the second last episode whereas the final episode acts more like a conclusion which is why the finals prediction is kept before the second last episode, therefore click the link and have a read!

Episode 15

Looks like Soo Jin had placed a tracker on Jeong Hwan’s car which led to the ending in the last episode. Considering that he was a spy and stuff it’s kind of ironic that he wouldn’t check a tracker? I mean I would just because I’ve watched enough movies to check so! He initially buys some time but Joo Eun and the driver get caught anyway. The driver ends up jumping off a balcony as he comes face to face with Jae Wook and Joo Eun escapes as Jeong Hwan provides himself into the trap. Well. I honestly don’t know what to say anymore.

Joo Eun now with Han Son is revealed to have received a phone from the driver with incriminating photographic evidence of all the events in President Choi’s ledger. She tricks Soo Jin the spy by handing in another phone and the detective FINALLY catches up to her spy work. Joo Eun meanwhile frees Jeong Hwan with Han Son’s help. And looks like Bok Ki has revealed that she too has the ledger and comes to an agreement with the candidate to be the first lady. Well, that’s a turn in the game of the kingmaker.

Jeong Hwan and Joo Eun decide to play the final game in revealing the truth via the police or via the candidate that Jeong Hwan has on his side. Unfortunately Jae Wook has Jeong Hwan’s candidate killed, and Jeong Hwan is caught by the police. Meanwhile Bok Ki has amped up the game for her candidate. Meanwhile Dae Sang heads over to Jae Wook to arrest him as well.

Episode 16 (final)

Bok Ki’s candidate is now taken to Gk with a new strategy proposed – by getting rid of Bok Ki. Our main couple escape from their predicaments (this repeated ease of escaping makes it too hard to beleive). Jae Wook realises the Chief of police has him framed as well.

Beleive it or not as Jae Wook escapes from being captured now that he has been double crossed by GK, he runs into Bok Ki making her escape and the two team up, and kiss. Uh-huh. Okay.

As our main characters are in a predicament on whether they should team up, or not, they realise that the murder of Jeong Hwan’s candidate can actually be turned against GK as there is a chance for a mole inside GK. They do find the evidence of the candidate being drugged and killed by the boss at GK which is when a masked assailant shoots down Jae Wook in the head. Jeong Hwan is injured and presumed dead, but in his last conscious moment sees Han Son.

The scene is then shifted to a Jeong Hwan who is under the card of UI.

With Joo Eun’s help they finally take down GK and with the truth now out, their stocks plummet as people boycott them.

Jeong Hwan is meanwhile sentenced to five years in prison but married Joo Eun for real during one of his parole. Bok Ki is seen taking another identity with a Jae Wook in wheelchair with her. A new president is elected but by the looks of it, UI seems to be behind it. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Joo Eun’s friend runs in with some news on her wedding day.

And that’s a wrap for the episode recap? For more posts on the drama just click the link at the top!

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