The Couch Potato : Private Lives – Ep 9-12 – recap

Hello and welcome to the couch potato series where we deep dive into TV series!

This time it’s the 2020 K-Drama, Private Lives, which is available on Netflix for streaming. Right now we have crossed the halfway mark with this series and although it seems to be a little slow, the elements and characters are coming together.

Now, episode recaps on the blog are not just segmented episode recaps like this one, but synopsis versus expectations, mid run reviews, penultimate episode recaps and final spoiler free reviews. You can access all those posts by clicking the link here. Now let’s go straight into the recaps.

As always my commentary on the episodes will be highlighted in bold italics.

Episode 9

This episode contains a substantial bit of Bok Ki’s backstory. We see her as a newsreader in a small town being treated like a princess by what looks like the same man who is her driver now. The story then moves forward and shows President Choi giving her the ledger knowingly , more like safekeeping. She is then shown in the present to come to the funeral parlour at the urn of her old identity, kind of symbolic?, and take the original ledger which is insider her urn hidden from the outside world.

Meanwhile Jae Wook has been promoted while the other manager guy – Seok Ho is being punished for his goof up with Joo Eun at the hotel.

Meanwhile the detectives also realise that they are at the mercy of the large conglomerates who operate above the law.

Now with more power and wanting Joo Eun out of the picture, Jae Wook hires a spy who in turn leads to Joo Eun’s arrest. As she’s being taken away Han Son rams his car straight into the police vehicle. Amidst the confusion a mysterious man on a bike takes Joo Eun away. Joo Eun is later shocked to realise it Jeong Hwan and the two scream at each other for both their lives. They seem to make up a bit but Joo Eun leaves the next day by the time Jeong Hwan wakes up.

Meanwhile Jae Wook and the detectives both look at the identity of the biker that took Joo Eun away and the wonders whether Jeong Hwan is alive. Uh oh, looks like his identity is blown.

Han Son releives himself from the case playing the victim, but looks like Joo Eun is being framed as an industrial spy.

Meanwhile Joo Eun asks to meet her mother, but Jae Wook’s men have reached before her.

Episode 10

Joo Eun is able to leave before getting caught, as her mother smashes a bottle against the wall warning her daughter. Han Son them comes and saves Joo Eun and leaves the scene. Joo Eun’s mother is slapped but otherwise unharmed by the goons.

Both Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan are shown to be missing each other, or still having some remnant feelings feels like a more accurate way of explaining it considering how complicated their relationship is. Both of them realise that there’s some dashcam footage that could help them in the police case. Jeong Hwan arrives first, but of course it’s Jae Wook’s trap. As Jeong Hwan is beaten up, Joo Eun watches and is about to leave but saves him at the last moment with Han Son’s help. I feel bad for Han Son, he’s doing so much for her.

Now at Bok Ki’s safe hotel room, Jeong Hwan is patched up by Joo Eun. Meanwhile they check the dashcam and find out that this whole thing was Jae Wook’s setup. Jeong Hwan reveals there’s one way out of this and the main plan has always been one thing – Kingmaker.

Bok Ki goes through the names in the ledger and settles on one name.

Meanwhile a fake witness is brought in to confirm that Joo Eun committed the crimes she was framed for. The detective realises that the police station is also in on this and finally decides to accept Joo Eun’s proposition of working together.

Meanwhile Bok Ki has found Jae Wook’s hideout and arrives at the place.

Episode 11

Bok Ki walks up to Jae Wook’s gate and writes “Beware of dog” in red lipstick and leaves while she calls someone regarding an old case. The usually unshaken Jae Wook goes beserk knowing his location has been found and goes to lengths to even check his underground safe is safe. It’s nice to see him shaken up like this after all the ruthless crimes he committed.

Meanwhile Jeong Hwan has set up a meeting with Assemblyman Kwom whose ratings are increasing, a worrisome factor as the candidate GK is supporting is having a fall in acceptance ratings – this being the game of kingmaker. The one who has control over the highest power in the country.

Joo Eun and team kidnaps the fake witness and deports him via ship right under Jae Wook’s nose – Jeong Hwan hearing Joo Eun is safe now, meets Assemblyman Kwon.

They come to an arrangement between them as GK’s private info project is still active unlike what the public thinks and they have chosen another candidate as their Kingmaker plan. This time Jeong Hwan is honest and tells the whole plan to Joo Eun.

As he leaves, he meets none other than his old boss at GK, who now knows he is alive. Uh oh. With all the risk Jeong Hwan is taking I somehow have a bad feeling he is going to end up dead after all this drama is over.

Episode 12

Jeong Hwan’s old manager gives him a chance to come back, but he declines. It’s also shown that he was approached at the orphanage by this same man.

He escapes the area and joins with Joo Eun for a meal. It’s like he’s thwarting the deadliest enemies one second, and the next thing we know he’s having a cute dinner date.

Jeong Hwan suggests she escapes abroad as things get dangerous but she insists to be with him through thick and thin. Her name is later cleared and is received by Jeong Hwan with flowers all while being watched by the detective. The detective later talks with his old team mate and reveals how corrupt things are at the police station and how he is working on his own terms for the truth.

Meanwhile Jeong Hwan has had his first meet-up with Assemblyman Kwon after their agreement as well.

Jeong Hwan is given some new materials to start off his new operation along with the assurance his name will be cleared if this mission is a success. Meanwhile Jeong Hwan comes clean to the detective as well.

Jeong Hwan gives a tip the detective and he and his colleague dig up some old case files on President Choi’s driver who committed suicide. Bok Ki also finds out about the 500 million won insurance claim thay Jae Wook has as well via a corrupt policeman. But Jae Wook is ahead of her by a step and arrives and smears the same message on her hotel door like she did to him.

Joo Eun suggests a new documentary where Bok Ki also becomes a new character in the game of kingmaker.

As Jae Wook heads in with GK’s candidate, he is shocked to see Bok Ki present as well in the meeting and she even mentions President Choi’s ledger during the discussion, and the episode ends with a tense moment between Jae Wook and Bok Ki. I like the scenes with Jae Wook and Bok Ki the most, their relationship has a lot of history, is so complicated, it adds a good push to this story too, and to be honest with how the story is, we can never know whose on the good side or bad side!

And that’s a wrap for these episode recaps! For more posts on this series, click the link right at the top!

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