The Couch Potato : Private Lives – K-Drama (2020) – Final episode predictions

Hello everyone and welcome to another TV series deep dive! This time it’s on the 2020 K-Drama Private Lives, that you can watch on Netflix!

Now, this post will be a final episode predictions post for the series. My predictions are published just before the final two episodes because K-Dramas generally have the tendency to do all the huge reveals in the second last episode and the final episode is more of a conclusionary note. So first let’s check out where the story is at now, and what we can expect for the finale of Private Lives!

As always TV series deep dives consist not just of these predictions posts but synopsis versus expectations, mid run review, segmented episode recaps and a final spoiler free review if you are looking for just that. You can check out all such posts on Private Lives, by clicking this link here!

Where we are at now

Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan

Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan

The story started with Joo Eun and her parents, a family of con artists who get conned by an even bigger pair of con artists and the other pair in our story – Bok Ki and Jae Wook (the names we are going by throughout this retelling of the series on the blog). Once out of jail by the time she is an adult she meets Jeong Hwan and the two set out to marry, only for Jeong Hwan to end up dead at the mid run of the series.

At this point of the story we know that Jeong Hwan is well and alive and is actually an ex-employee of GK as a spy of sorts and knows about the whole privacy-surveillance project of GK. He seems to be having a mission or agenda of sorts and sets out to do it be revealing President Choi’s ledger that has all the incriminating records of all the briberies as well as his trump card – President Choi’s driver who everyone thinks is dead.

Joo Eun and Jeong Hwan are working together but the plot of the series seems to sometimes indicate that Jeong Hwan maybe tricking her again as the continuous flashbacks seem to be confusing us. Nevertheless by the end of Episode 14, the pair have found President Choi’s driver but has been cornered by Jae Wook.

Jae Wook and Bok Ki and the Kingmaker game

We all thought these two were a team when they tricked Joo Eun’s family at the beginning. But we later understood that Jae Wook tricked Bok Ki right after that and left her in a fix. This is what leads her to find Jeong Hwan who runs a private detective agency to find Jae Wook and seek her revenge.

In fact it’s this whole revenge plan of Bok Ki’s that led to the four main characters to mesh together as well.

Now however the game between the two has elevated as Bok Ki realises that Jae Wook and GK is playing the game of King Maker by playing with the candidates for the presidency – the answer to the ultimate power. She plays the same game he did by siding with Jae Wook’s candidates competitor. Thanks to her relationship with President Choi in the past, she too has the ledger with all the details that she can use.

The mood between these two is very tense and the game they’re playing has huge implications as well.

Other characters and plot points

We have many other characters that are supporting the main characters mostly. For example Han Son seems to always have impeccable timing to help Joo Eun when she is in trouble.

But the characters with a more heavy limelight on them is firstly the two detectives and their colleagues at the police station – which is saturated with corruption and influence as the two detectives they can’t execute their duties properly as all the control is with the bad guys. Just as the two detectives try to take things into their own hands we find out Soo Jin the second detective is a spy for GK by Episode 14.

There’s a lot of politics and roles going on inside GK too. With their whole privacy project and their influence in politics , the law and politics, they seem almost invincible.

So, how will it end?

All the small signs that Jeong Hwan may double cross Joo Eun and the others again may turn out to be just a play of a dramatic element. Seeing how far the show has come, and that the two do seem to have some genuine feelings, I feel they will work together till the end and solve this whole problem. However if they did end up conning each other again, being the com artists they are , that would make a unique ending to the story, and I might like that more than a happily ever after kind of thing.

Coming to Jae Wook and Bok Ki, I have a strong feeling that Jae Wook would end up at Bok Ki’s mercy. Especially since her candidate seems to be doing so much better than his. I also feel like GK would double cross Jae Wook considering how manipulative his boss is.

The main agenda would be how the whole GK privacy project would be stopped, and how President Choi’s ledger would be brought out into the light. The answer definitely lies in Jeong Hwan’s hidden trump card – President Choi’s driver – I am sure he has some incriminating evidence that can strengthen the ledger further.

Aside from this, I don’t have any other details that I want to highlight, some things are predictable, like how the righteous detective will find out Soo Jin has been tricking him and the police by spying for GK and such. Throughout the run, the story has set in unnecessary complications that has led to more simple and underwhelming answers which is why my predictions post on this is as brief as I have mentioned. But more on that in the spoiler free review!

How do you think the series will end? How did you like it so far?

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