The Book Worm : The Twitter Diaries by Georgie Thompson and Imogen Lloyd Webber

Welcome to the ninth edition of “The Book Worm” as I document my experience and review my venture into my first and most favorite hobby – Reading!

This is a book I picked up from the library (oh how, I miss the library, when can I go back ugh), because of the format that the author decided to the deliver the story in. And what’s my take on it, and what is it about (don’t worry there are no spoilers), let’s find out!

Cover page

Title – The Twitter Diaries : 2 Cities, 1 Friendship , 140 characters

Author : Georgie Thompson and Imogen Lloyd Webber

Language : English

Standalone/Series : Standalone

Formats : Paperback , E-Book, Kindle

Number of pages : 377-460 (depends on the format)

Date of first publication : 1 January 2012

Genre : Friendship, Romance, Everyday life

The flip side of the paperback cover

The story centres around Tuesday (@TuesdayFields), who is a sports reporter and Stella (@StellaCavill) whose a men’s shoe designer.

The two women meet at a party at NYC and decide to follow each other on Twitter. Through a series of their DMs and tweets, the story follows the two women’s lives as they go through love, family, career and much more.

Unlike a lot of my friends who love Instagram, I’m more of a Twitter girl and enjoy and spend a lot of time on the app. Because of this reason and due to the fact that the whole story is set in DMs and tweets, and I found the career choice for both women interesting, I picked up the book.

Once I started reading it I realised – the book is full of tweets and DMs. My first issue was the number of twitter handles that were part of the story – an intro or insight into the characters or the scenario was nearly absent which made it really confusing. I also learnt via this book that although reading tweets on your timeline is interesting as it’s due to the people and topics you like to follow, it won’t be the same thing when reading this story!

And because it gets confusing or it takes too much time to actually understand I ended up getting bored and stopping my reading, which I rarely do. I still wanted to give the book a chance and did read till the end and there was only one thing on my mind – I wish that they incorporated a more traditional or some other form of story telling in this rather than just tweets or DMs to make following the story easier and to have more insight into the characters.

Keeping that aside the story was actually quite interesting – the rather unique career choice of the two characters made the story and the situations they go through different as well which kept the story lively. This interspersed with their family and love-lives made for a good feel-good book about friendship, career and love. The only deterrent to that was that the story didn’t have enough body due to its format.

So my final verdict – if you’re planning to read this book don’t not try it just because of this review but be warned that it may have some difficulty to follow due to its format. Aside from that, the story is entertaining enough to make it as a light read to enjoy over a weekend or something.

Have you read this book? What did you feel about it, let me know in the comments!

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