April 2021 Bullet Journal Update! 😉 – Productivity Tips?

Most of you may be thinking if I didn’t realize that it’s May and not April! Don’t worry, I do know it’s May and I should be posting the May update.

As some of you may have guessed I was unable to complete a bujo setup for April due to a mix of procrastination, and other tasks and requirements from life.

That doesn’t mean I abandoned the bullet journal system, I do use it a lot, it’s just that I didn’t get time to do a creative setup as the layout for the month!

I’ve had a few experiences where I didn’t plan my time well and ended up missing these monthly activities, which I’m not too happy about so I decided to do my weekly spreads every week, just before the week starts, so that I practice and set aside time more frequently.

Do you have any suggestions of keeping up with everything you need to do? I have a lot of work pending on the blog too that I want to finish publishing at least within this year. My goal for 2021 is to read zero drafts!

Do you guys have any productivity tips? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I struggle keeping up with everything too! It’s hard to balance everything in life. Like you, I find making lists and worksheets help me stay productive. At the beginning of every day, I write everything I want to accomplish down on a piece of paper and cross things out as I go. However, one productivity thing I’ve been trying to do recently is just avoiding time consuming things which don’t add anything to my life (this includes social media and YouTube). I’ve been surprised how much more productive I am when I spend less time especially on YouTube. But even then, its hard to fit everything into a day, as well as staying motivated to do things when you’re tired from work or school.

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    • Yes the time we spent simply looking at content on the internet can really save us some time! I’ve also been using this new app called “Notion” along with my bullet journal to see how it goes!

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