May 2021 Bullet Journal Update!

I may have missed to do the spreads in April, but here I am back in May!

Now as always these are not my original creativity because I don’t happen to be that creative artistically as I might be a little when it comes to words. Every month, I’m inspired by a theme that I see online be on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc and try my best to recreate the same on my bullet journal. I do make slight changes but I mostly recreate it as exact as possible. Of course the original post will be credited and linked in this post.

This month I have attempted to recreate melodybulletjournal‘s theme on whales. I found it adorable and the color theme very cool and it also reminded me of a song I love – more on that as you read on! Please do click on the link in this paragraph to check the original post. There are multiple posts on the different sections that melodybulletjournal has done on the whale theme for their bullet journal!

I’ve tried to replicate the cover page as accurately as possible. I beleive melodybulletjournal has used washi tape for the rectangular strip on theirs but since I don’t own pretty washi tape I’ve imporvised by sketching it in. At first I thought of not doing that part, but the cover page felt too empty without it.

I did mention that this theme reminded me of a song I really love and that’s none other than Whalien 52 by BTS. The song talks about a 52 Hertz whale and it’s loneliness. For those who don’t know, whales communicate to each other at different frequencies in a herd of sorts but sometimes certain whales end up using a different 52 Hertz frequency making them not heard by others no matter how they try. BTS compares this to the loneliness one feels when they’re different from others. It’s such a beautiful song and I’ve taken a part of the lyrics as the quote from this month. Some may feel the song too depressing as a motivational quote for a monthly spread, but it somehow helps me understand and manage any sadness I encounter!

I just noticed I messed up the alignment, I’m sorry!

The monthly spread is my usual calendar layout using the 4 colors I’ve chosen as the color palette for this month.

I’ve kept the mood tracker quite simple too with just oversized drops of water to stick along with the ocean theme. I found drawing 31 mini whales a lot of strain Soni stuck with this!

I’ve adapted the weekly spread straight out of what melodybulletjournal has done on their insta page. Again improvised by sketching the washi tapes used in the original post. I also adjusted the layout a little to accomodate the dates as May 1 happened to be on a Saturday. Like I mentioned in my April post (which I’ve linked at the top), I would be attempting to do the weekly spreads weekly instead of doing them all when I prepare the spreads to make this more habitual and set aside time so that I don’t miss or delay bullet journal spreads. I won’t be updating weekly here, but I will let you know the results of my experiment once May is over. As always I intend to do each week with one of the four colors chosen for this month’s palette.

And that’s the spread for this month! What did you think? Please do make sure to check out the original post that I have credited at the top! Do you also do bullet journal setups? Link them in the comments so I can check them out too!

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