March + April (2021) playlist update!

There’s no intro here people because this one’s gonna be a long one. So here goes!

You can access the complete playlist on Spotify or YouTube by clicking the links in this paragraph! The YouTube link would contain all the songs as some may not be available on Spotify.

Main Theme of Dia by B Ajneesh Loknath

From the 2020 Kannada film, Dia.

Now this song isn’t strictly included in the soundtrack and it’s more like the BGM of this song but I couldn’t stop listening to this one.

Shubhaarambh by Amit Trivedi, Shruthi Pathak, Divya Kumar

From the 2013 movie, Kai Po Che

I couldn’t help adding this one as I was reviewing the movie Kai Po Che! last month!

The Most Ordinary Day by Yangpa

From the 2020, Korean TV drama – “Private Lives”

I started Private Lives with a certain level of expectations and ended up having mixed reviews, however this song stuck through thick and thin as I traversed through the series! It’s a melancholy and thought inducing song as you listen!

Enjoy Enjaami by Dhee, Arivu and Santhosh Narayanan

From the 2021 single – Enjoy Enjaami

It would be surprising if this song didn’t end up in most people’s playlists. It’s not just addictive with really good cinematography but the song holds deep meaning about our culture, roots and relationships with the earth and how important it is.

Devil’s and Angels (Hatred) by Rufus Wainwright

From the 2020 album – Unfollow the Rules.

I saw this performance during the Grammy’s and loved it. The buildup, the vocals and arrangement was *chef’s kiss*.

Long Nights Gone

From the 2003 J-Drama, Kimi Wa Petto

I really enjoyed the cute drama and was really sad when it ended, therefore this song was on loop for a long long time!

Whenever You Call by ARASHI

From their 2020 single – Whenever You call

I discovered Arashi (you can see them on my previous playlist update as well as I watched Hana Yori Dango. This was one of their last releases and although I’m sad I found them really late, I’m glad I found them, their music really fits my taste!

In The Summer by ARASHI

From their 2020 single – “In The Summer”

Not surprising that there’s another Arashi song here. I loved the Tik Toks they did for this one on the beach setting too!

Given-Taken by ENHYPEN

From their 2020 album – Border : Day One.

The boys of ENHYPEN made an impressive debut with this song and it’s been on my playlist since! This one’s my favourite off the album as well!

Back Door by STRAY KIDS

From their 2020 album – IN

This song has one sick beat and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Summer Breeze by SF9

From their 2020 mini album – GOLDEN ECHO.

I had experienced some solo work from the SF9 members from drama OSTs like in my previous month’s playlist and this is the first song of them as a group which didn’t disappoint! It’s my new travel song now!


From their 2019 album – Reality in Black.

The women of MAMAMOO and yes I wrote women instead of girls because they have set such a different vibe amongst all the girl groups out there and I had to refer to them like that! Just give a listen to this song to understand why!


From their 2016 album – Twicecoaster : Lane 1

Now that doesn’t mean I’m against more cutesy songs! I mean this one’s a bop, it never gets old!

Señorita by (G)I-DLE

From their 2019 album – I Made

Right alongside HIP, this is also one of the sexiest girl group songs out there, in my opinion.

Touch My Body by SISTAR

From their 2014 album – Sweet and Sour.

You must know that there are some GG songs that are go-to’s and this classic is definitely on that list! The iconic choreography is an added bonus!

Bon Bon Chocolat by EVERGLOW

From their 2019 album – Arrival of EVERGLOW

Another. Bop. You can’t not bop your head to this! I mean, have you heard this?

I am the best by 2NE1

From their 2011 single – I Am The Best.

I guess the title explains it all?

Red Flavor by Red Velvet

From their 2017 album – The Red Summer

Red Velvet is an iconic GG and is personally one.of my favorites and in my opinion handles especially the typical GG format exceptionally well. I love their other songs like Psycho but this one, which is one of the earlier ones is a favorite for a reason!

Replay by SHINee

From their 2008 album – Replay.

Yes, this song is really old but it’s a classic and is still covered by even new generation acts for a reason!

New Face by PSY

From the 2017 album – 4×2=8

Psy has so many other bops other than Ganganam style and I personally like this one more than the latter. I had seen one performance he did at the end of an award show with many other idols and it looked like a fun song – that was how I was introduced to it!

Her by Block B

From the 2016 album – My Zone

This was my go-to Zumba song it just has the right beat to rhythmically dance and get rid of those calories!

Crazy Sexy Cool by ASTRO

From their 2017 album – Dream Part 02

This smooth, cool song is exactly what it’s titled – Crazy. Sexy. Cool.

Very Nice by SEVENTEEN

From their 2016 album – Love & Letter

This song is VERY NICE. Also – have you seen the choreography? Seventeen always exceeds my expectations in choreography and sync – something that’s not easy with this many members too!

And that’s a wrap for the playlist update! What did you think? Are any of your favorite here, or do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

One comment

  1. I loved Kimi Wa Petto! That takes me back to my teen years over a decade ago when I first got into Japanese dramas! So many of these Kpop songs are my favorites too!


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