The Couch Potato : When Time Stopped (K-Drama,2018) : Mid Watch Review

What happens when a man who freezes time and a woman who is unaffected by it comes together? And what will be the result when the Grim Reapers are set to find and end him?

Welcome to another edition of The Couch Potato / It’s called Hallyu! This time it’s on the 2018 K-Drama, When Time Stopped! This is the mid watch review, which means I have reached mid way of watching the series and it’s time to set aside how it’s going so far!

Now TV series deep dives consist of synopsis and expectations, segmented episode recaps, finale predictions or spoiler free reviews! You can check that all out on When Time Stopped by clicking the link! So let’s get into it!

What we know so far

The bracelet and the visions

There seems to be some sort of mystic connection between Joon Woo and the Grim Reaper courtesy of the bracelet.

From the beginning of the series Joon Woo has been riddled by dreams of which we are sure who he is dreaming of! Joon Woo seems to be having more intense visions with the bracelet and now the Grim Reaper seems to be getting memories of his son too!

The love triangle?

Not sure to what extent this may go but In Seob has tried to make his feelings clear but at this moment it’s only Joon Woo who has caught Sun Ah’s interest. I kind of feel bad for In Seob though.

The other supernatural beings

Joon Woo is not the only gifted person in our story, as we see the Grim Reapers chasing many other supernaturally talented humans. Although I don’t understand the point, why God gives these powers in the first place and then just kills them? They say it’s to maintain the equilibrium of life but why disrupt it in the first place? I mean they are THE GOD after all?

The other tenants

Especially in episodes 4-6, we have been seeing the stories of the different tenants in Sun Ah’s building and how Joon Woo and Sun Ah helps them out of it.

The loan

Yes, Sun Ah did pay off her loans but it looks like those people are still eyeing her building and won’t stop. Could they come up with even worse problems for Sun Ah?

Sun Ah and her fantasy novel

Sun Ah seems to be writing a fantasy novel completely based on Joon Woo’s life as well – but without his knowledge. And we all know how secret projects like this end up as!

What can we expect next?

See it’s not even a prediction at this point that Joon Woo and Sun Ah have some past connection. It’s as clear as day! But what interests us now is that Joon Woo may be the Grim Reaper’s son. Usually when human souls are taken by reapers the memories of them of the people that know them completely get erased. So it’s a possibility but at the same time it feels like they laid it out to us too early?

Coming to the “love triangle”, the series just has six episodes left so I don’t expect anything major since they have to reveal all the things that they have shown us clues for – this series seems to be taking the sad second lead syndrome again too and I can’t help but feel bad for In Seob.

The series has also spent a significant amount of time showing the stories of the other people who have supernatural powers and also the other tenants. It gives a feeling that they may have a more prominent role with time to come, although I’m not sure how much time we have for that. Or maybe they might not include any at all, but may introduce more new characters – there are many series which dedicate each episode to an extra character and revolve the main characters story around them. The major part may be the loan shark coming back with more problems because they don’t seem to be ready to let go of the building yet!

And although it’s a minor thing Sun Ah’s fantasy novel may cause a problem between Joon Woo and Sun Ah – usually things that the characters hide from each other tend to be problems later or cause misunderstandings – but this is usually in a 16 episode length. We may need to expect some changes from a traditional set up with this shorter format!

And that’s it for the mid watch review!

Are you watching this? Or have you watched this? Let me know in the comments and remember, no spoilers! Also for more posts on “When Time Stopped”, click the link at the top!


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