The Couch Potato : When Time Stopped (K-Drama,2018) : Ep 7-9 recap

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Couch Potato / It’s called Hallyu! This time we are exploring the fantasy drama, “When Time Stopped”!

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Now let’s get into the post! As always my commentary will be in bold italics.

Episode 7

The episode starts with the Grim Reaper in Joon Woo’s room looking at the bracelet. He is however caught by God and an announcement is aired that he is suspended and a new time freezer is about, but they must be cautious and take action only when it’s time. Guess we have some more time.

Sun Ah and Joon Woo decide to go out for lunch but their lunch place runs out of food and Sun Ah is forced to leave early for a part time job. Joon Woo says they can do it again though, and is more cheerful now that he is accustomed to Sun Ah. I can’t help thinking of In Seob though.

With the help of tenant 201, the loan shark is kicked out and Sun Ah, Joon Woo, In Seob, Soo Na and her mom,and tenant 201 spend the day cleaning at an orphanage.

There they meet a young boy and girl who are siblings. The younger boy gets into fights with other kids when they make fun of his mute sister, but the reality is that his sister can speak telepathically and they are waiting for their mother who is yet to come.

Back at the heavens, the grim reaper is asked whether he did such a thing because he got more memories back. He however lies and says he did that just so that he could catch the time freezer on his own and earn more points.

Joon Woo and Sun Ah eventually help those kids who landed in trouble with some bullies. Joon Woo says he felt like helping them as he too was alone as he was different. Sun Ah comforts him that both of them are special people and must not think like that. However the happiness is short lived as the heavens monitor both Joon Woo and the telepathic girl and decide it’s time for the Grim Reaper to come out of suspension and catch them, or they will get in trouble. Ahhhhh noooooo!

At the end of the episode, Joon Woo finds Sun Ah’s notebook where she writes down their encounters for her story. He starts to open it but decides not to and takes the bracelet. Just then Sun Ah comes in looking for the notebook and the bracelet starts glowing much to Joon Woo’s shock. Isn’t that too obvious a sign though?

Episode 8

This episode doesn’t start with the glowing bracelet but starts with the loan shark who gets kidnapped by his boss.

His boss is angry he failed to get the building from Sun Ah and as a final chance gets Sun Ah’s uncle to sign another promissory note and hands it to the loan shark. Oh nonono. Poor Sun Ah! The boss makes it clear, if the loan shark doesn’t get the building this time, he’s as good as dead. Gulp.

Sun Ah is quitting a few of her jobs to focus more on writing. Oh noooo. And Joon Woo has found out more information about the bracelet from his old landlord that it was first sighted in a place called Gyeongju. He decides to visit the place and informs Sun Ah before leaving, she gets excited when he tells her, but he was just telling her so that she can meet the kids instead of him as promised. LOL it’s ok Sun Ah! However, the bond between the two is different now as both of them seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

The scene then shifts to a sombre In Seob who walks away into his room as soon as Sun Ah asks for the maintenance fee. She comes in and looks for him, and he’s nowhere to be seen. Huh? It’s later revealed that he has special powers too – the power of teleportation. Oh my god!

Sun Ah promises steak for the kids but as soon as she puts the phone down the loan shark arrives and shows her the promissory note. Her loans are all back and in a state of unpaid for the last seven years as per the loan shark, making it enormous. The loan shark leaves saying he will move back in. The kids call again, hungry and Sun Ah asks them to go the restaurant first and start. However the kids are being followed by the trainee reaper. It’s just bad news after bad news aaahhh!

Sun Ah is too late though as the trainee Reaper catches the telepathic girl and everyone’s memories are erased, including Sun Ah who wonders where she was going. I wonder if Joon Woo’s memories got erased too since he was the only one able to hear the telepathic voice of the girl? At the heavens , the telepathic girl is given a chance to work for the heavens as a promise for her brother to have a happy and fruitful life. She takes that condition and is converted to a reaper. Our main Grim Reaper meanwhile listens to this and doesn’t look happy about it (although he looks grumpy all the time) and walks away.

While Sun Ah starts her part time jobs again the loan sharks just decide to take her building deed and move it to court to get the building. Sun Ah arrives just in time but the loan shark is not holding back. Desperate she calls In Seob for help and he helps her and Soo Na and her mother (who were helping Sun Ah by calling the police), escape with his teleportation ability. But how his powers are revealed right? This might mean bad news!

In Seob then goes back and leads the loan shark and his gang to a police station interrogation room to buy time. He later explains that he has always had this power and Sun Ah thanks In Seob. Awwww In Seob has risen in my heart now!

Meanwhile Joon Woo is back and notices Sun Ah’s trashed apartment and the new promissory note. He kidnaps him and warns him of nad things to come if he comes in front of Sun Ah one more time. I’m glad they are helping Sun Ah but I fear for their safety the more they use their powers, especially, Joon Woo.

Later that night Joon Woo gives her the new promissory note and asks her to be free. The two exchange a rather heartfelt conversation on how they escape from their problems – Sun Ah by writing novels and Joon Woo by freezing time and collecting antiques – to which Joon Woo says Sun Ah has brought meaning to his time. She smiles and kisses him and he blushes like crazy. To change the subject he asks if she met the two kids the other day like he asked, but Sun Ah has no memory of any kids like that which strikes Joon Woo. I had a feeling he would continue to remember.

As he reaches his basement apartment, God is waiting for him there. Uh oh.

Episode 9

God tries to reach out to the bracelet and Joon Woo tries to freeze time but it doesn’t work on God. Instead, God freezes Joon Woo and says this bracelet is the reason for all this mess and asks Joon Woo since when he started using his power. Joon Woo doesn’t answer though. God says he will leave for now as there is someone he must meet before Joon Woo and leaves. He then meets the Grim Reaper and tells him to capture Joon Woo properly so that he can take the bracelet. But God also adds a warning – the aftermath after the Grim Reaper gets the bracelet is not in his control. Just what happened in the past or their past lives? As the Grim Reaper leaves, God asks him to capture Sun Ah first as he has many things to ask her. In a way I guess she is gifted too right. And this seems more related to the dreams of the past or another life that Joon Woo and the Grim Reaper are experiencing.

Joon Woo is lost in thoughts so much that Sun Ah starts to think he lost interest in her, and Joon Woo even tells his old landlord to stop drinking in case they never see each other again.

The old landlord makes a call and walks over to Heaven. Huh? God then comes out and calls him Senior and takes him in. Wait there is a succession in who takes the position of God? And the old landlord was once God? Ok I didn’t expect that. God asks the old landlord (let’s continue calling him that) what they must now do with the two of them now that the bracelet is in the picture. The old landlord just mentions that it will be a “long story”. Aaahhhh someone tell me what’s happening!

Joon Woo realises that the Grim Reapers are following him and follows Sun Ah and In Seob as they drink. In Seob leaves early and asks Joon Woo to take a drunk Sun Ah home. As they walk home with Sun Ah sleeping while Joon Woo carries her, the Grim Reaper arrives. Joon Woo asks if he is from the place God came from, but he goes ahead to kill Joon Woo when In Seob comes and helps them escape. It’s revealed that In Seob is also on the run from the trainee reapers. In Seob reveals he lost his father to the reapers (so his father was gifted, and he too didn’t lose the memories?) and asks Joon Woo to be careful as he will be wiped away from this Earth. But both of them are curious as to why they are hunting down Sun Ah.

The next day they get chased again, and In Seob helps Joon Woo and Sun Ah escape – and realises that The Grim Reaper is his father. Woowowoow hold on. I thought it was Joon Woo who was his son, buts In Seob. That caught me by surprise. But then why was the bracelet inducing memories for both Joon Woo and The Grim Reaper? I hope In Seob will be okay though.

God meanwhile oversees this and wonders if he is losing his power. He sends another Grim Reaper as well.

Meanwhile Joon Woo tries to send Sun Ah away because he is putting her in danger but Sun Ah won’t budge. Joon Woo, rather emotional, asks Sun Ah if she has ever regretted being in his time, to which she says no. The episode ends with Joon Woo kissing Sun Ah. Look guys I’m glad for them but is this really the time?!!

And that’s a wrap for these episode recaps! Click the link at the top for more posts on “When Time Stopped”!

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