Explore With Me : Money Heist – Part 5 Ep 1 : “The End Of The Road” (Season 3)

Aaannnnnnddd we are starting the final season of the show! As I’m publishing this, we are just DAYS away from the final set of episodes in this final season to be released as well, so I’m obviously pumped! And with that welcome to another edition of Explore With Me!

Now, this is a recap of the first episode in Part 5 called “The End of The Road”, but for more posts on the show, just check out the main post on The Money Heist!

As always this recap will be accompanied by my commentary in bold italics.

Recap and Commentary

The episode starts where we stopped where Alicia overcomes the Professor and taunts him and declares she will turn him in for terrorism. He tries to escape, but Alicia catches him. Sigh.

A flashback introduces us to Rafael, Berlin’s son who meets with Tatiana after what seems to be many years. The two have a rather awkward reconciliation and Berlin asks him to leave a desk job and join him on a heist for a more adventurous life, as he is an engineer graduated from MIT. When I mean reconciliation I mean it’s Berlin blaming Rafael for his spoiled relationship with his wife (which is the same thing I beleive he described in the first heist), and even eyeing Rafel suspiciously when he sees him notice Tatiana. Also is Rafael the extra character that Berlin mentioned in the flashbacks? The person called Santiago?

Marseille and his helicopter are being tracked but with a little help of Benjamin posing as a farmer, Marseille escapes as Benjamin points out a wrong car and bomb for him to escape. It’s almost funny at this point, the number of time they get thwarted by the gang.

Angered at Lisbon’s and Marseille’s escape, Tamayo decides to involve the military believing this to be an issue for national security. Angel and Suarez however disagree as they feel this a more civil problem. Are they finally disagreeing with each other? I bet Tamayo has gone nuts by now just like Prieto did.

Now that Lisbon is back, she remembers plan Rome as now the police won’t wait anymore and would use the military. Lisbon asks Palermo to start transporting the gold but Bogota disagrees. They try to contact the Professor but he is unable to reply as he is being tortured. He is eventually forced to reveal to Sierra that they planned to take the gold via the sewage and storm water link. As the gang continue to radio the Professor, Alicia let’s him answer and he apologises that he’s been captured and that Alicia knows the truth. Lisbon thinks back to how the Professor said that there is no plan B for transporting the gold and if it was ever found, then there is no way out. Just at that moment, Helsinki notices the military coming in.


What an interesting episode! I am already buzzing with questions. I always questioned why the showmakers showed us so much of Tatiana until now but now I have an even bigger question and suspicion – why Rafael and is he the person Berlin mentioned? And I beleive it’s Lisbon’s turn to shine as she has to assume control and fix this – although a solution doesn’t seem to exist – I haven’t lost hope in the gang yet.

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