Explore With Me : Money Heist – Part 5 Ep 10 : “A Family Tradition” (Season 3)


Now this is an episode recap but for more posts on the show just check out the main post on Money Heist!

As always the recap will be accompanied by my commentary in bold italics.

Recap and Commentary

The episode starts with the flashback of a young Professor who followed his father out secretly only to see him getting killed by the police as he tries to escape after a heist. Ouch.

A later flashback shows Berlin recounting the day he and his mother heard it on the news. At that point the Professor reveals he knew beforehand as he had followed his father and witnessed the whole thing. The two brothers share a rather emotional and vulnerable moment as Rafael watches. I guess this is the most “brotherly” we have seen these two, apart from maybe that scene where they sing Bella Caio.

To start the questioning, Denver is pulled in but he reveals nothing. By then the Professor has arrived and the team is dejected. Just then the team from Pakistan starts leaking videos of how they transported the gold from the vault revealing to the whole world the gold is gone and crashes in the stock market. Tamayo and his team who fall for the false clues dropped by Marseille even start scouring the ocean for the gold which is spotted by the media making the economic situation worse.

During this time, Alicia manages to find the gold guessing it must be buried and examining land purchase records from the dates after the heist. As they reach the spot, Tatiana, Rafael and gang arrive and a shoot out is imminent until Alicia gives Rafael a note from Professor and he calls off the guards. Alicia retrieves the gold. Wait what in the note??????

As the economy plunges into worse situations the Professor decides to strike a deal by returning the gold much to everyone’s shock. A truck with the gold bars return and the media witnesses and reports it this stabilising the stock market.

Tamayo examines it and finds that it’s not the actual gold but brass ingots covered in gold. He is angered and has the entire team at gunpoint threatening the Professor. A flashback shows the Professor mad and in hiding in the Phillipines as the idea strikes to him to give brass instead of gold. Although the gold is in the vault it’s only a mere assurance for the economy to go on, the fact that it’s never actually used makes it okay to exchange.

I swear, the Professor blows my mind sometimes. I was under the impression he will give it back for their escape.

Tamayo pressurises the Professor but he doesn’t give in and the public outside hear a lot of gunshots. Omg don’t pull a GOT on me here!

Tamayo announces the names and deaths of the gang as they are carted away in an ambulance. Denver whose being detained is horrified to hear it. But it’s later revealed they were all released alive and Denver for being an important witness. During this scene Coldplay’s Fix You was the background track. What a perfect fit. Fix You will never be the same again! 😭😭😭😭

The final scene shows all the members of the gang brought in and taken out of the country under new identities and lives and protection from the government. LOL.

A parallel scene shows the fake gold being locked away again just like those state secrets. Wow. Tatiana and Racquel meanwhile decide to wait under the Professor’s promise for their shares as family – reminiscent to the initial flashback.


I guess we were nearly right huh? I’m blown as well as kinda emotional now, because it’s all over now right? What did you guys feel? I’m too emotional for takeaways , will update everything in the next post! Please click the main link at the top for more!

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