Let’s Meet: Lee Min Ho

You must be wondering what this is right? For those who have read the past few posts of mine, would know that I have started quite a number of running series on my blog, in my attempt to categorise things on my blog. This series was something I thought of much before I thought of […]

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What if- #Muse

I came across this rather interesting thing on the internet the other day. I really don’t know the source as I just read it along in a hurry and I really can’t remember anymore. But whatever the case, all credits and whatsoever to the person who had the thought. You guys might have read this […]

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Look what my dad found!

I’ve always been an avid reader and I used to love to write from when I was very young. I actually wrote way more than how I do now , but of course I had lots more free time then! 😁😁😁 He called me and told me he found a poem I wrote, when I […]

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We are the D.R.I.V.E. !

Many of us always mention about how important it is to do things that go back to the society. Many of us do not realise sometimes how blessed we are to live like this no matter what difficulty comes. When we do realise it it is when we see and do things in person. Today […]

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We need help.

I feel horrible for not thinking of doing this before,but it’s better late than never right? I don’t know if you have seen on the news, but the southernmost state of India called Kerala was victim to floods that ravaged nearly the entire state. Yes,not just a city or a region ,but an entire state. […]

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