The Superlatives

The best.

The worst.

Must-check out.

You haven’t lived if you haven’t –

Wondering what thus dramatic heading and intro is all about?

Now that I’ve been blogging quite some time, I’ve had the chance to do more extensive posts, for example, double features where we examine uncannily similar works of art, or festas where we have an entire series based on movies, books and other things based on a single theme.

When we accumulate a lot of content we naturally come to a stage where we can make compilation posts – the best tearjerker movies, the best new authors or anything at all.

And that’s what the “Superlatives” are all about.

Curated by yours truly, here’s my set of compilations of things you may want to check out. I will try to of course update the compilations and keep up with new themes as much as I can! And of course suggestions are always welcome!

Go ahead and select the drop down menu for the category to check out the posts!