Finding Mr. Right : Review

Chinese movies are totally new to me. The last thing I watched was a Chinese television series called ‘Love o2o’ which was a commercial success. Because of my unfamiliarity in Chinese films, I decided to start with a rather comfortable genre- Romantic Comedy. Although it didn’t have the greatest ratings it was a good start […]

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Supernatural Kdramas-#List

My birthday just got over and as far as doing the things I love, I really wanted to post on my blog . But with the exams and the birthday going on I wasn’t able to do so on the day. I have told many times before that the reason that I started writing my […]

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

This was a huge surprise and totally out of the blue. But I am so happy and excited to be nominated for this! I was nominated by HumblePerception for this award. I am very thankful to you, Lena for thinking about me me for this. Lena writes an amazing blog, which she has titled with […]

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