Do What You Love.

As the page title suggests, this blog is about everything and anything that I love to do. It primarily includes movie reviews, reviews on the latest books, manga and comics, music and pretty much anything.

The internet is indeed a wonderful place. With instant addition of translations, subtitles and just the mere accessibility of entertainment all over the world, gave me, just like millions of others to reach the world of art – be it via art, literature, film, music – OR ANYTHING.

I do not lean on any particular genre, nor do I intend to act like a critic either. My intention is merely to have this blog, maintain my interest and enjoyment out of the art.

The posts on my blog are categorised into different categories, which you can read about in the drop-down menu at the top. The posts underneath each category will be visible from the drop-down menu at the bottom.

I’m going to let my posts speak for itself, and stop this intro right here!