Explore with me!

The content on the internet is diversifying and expanding in so many ways. One thing I’ve noticed and enjoyed in these changes, is the increase in interactiveness that creators, influencers and anyone on the internet present their content.

Be it the videos where you “Get Ready With Me” or “Read with me”, “Watch with me” “or draw with me” it’s one type of content that I personally am addicted to!

As a person who is maintaining a blog and would like to “attempt” to keep up with the trends, I too want to create content like this. I was a little confused as to how to come about that, considering the kind of content on my blog and that’s when I came up with – Explore with me!

Sometimes the movie, or book, album, TV series or what not, that I check out on my blog may be the hottest trend hitting the entertainment industry or it could be what I hope would be a rare find, and are super super excited to dive into! So I thought what better than to explore those highlighted things but on this blog.

Now I’m no influencer with a following of millions, but even if no one really explores it with me, the idea and the enjoyment in it would be how I experience it right?

So, to see my expectations post, dive in details etc of my most anticipated entertainment options click the category in the drop down menu below!