Explore With Me : Money Heist – Season 3 – Overview and Review

And here we are at the final overview and review for Money Heist! It honestly feels kind of emotional since I’ve invested so much time to watch and write about the show! Anyways welcome to another edition of Explore With Me / The Couch Potato!

This is an overview post of Season 3 but you can check out more posts on the show by checking out the main post on Money Heist!

What we know so far

The heist

What began as a ploy to get Rio out of custody has come onto it’s other main point – the gold. Over the course of Part 5 / Season 3 we see the extensive and detailed plan regarding the gold go underway.

The gold was converted into grains which were pumped by an old undersea mining pump Berlin stole to a stormwater tank upstream making use of the water in the vault. The police try to find where it was drained to but follow a path downstream which allows the gang to mould the gold back to ingots to be transported. They did encounter a slight hiccup when Tatiana and Rafael stole the gold but they got it back thank to Alicia. The gang return bronze blocks disguised as gold and manage to barter they freedom by faking their deaths and leaving the country with a new identity. The government can do nothing, but hide them as the gold is under their protection – and the fact that the gold in the vault is just an assurance rather than actual use for the heist.

The Gang

The Professor and Lisbon have had a whirlwind time together. Amidst all the pressure the Process executed an amazing escape for Lisbon and a later reunion when chained together led to them agreeing to marry each other. I mean, only these two would decide to get married under a heist after being captured by the police!

Coming to love stories, Denver and Stockholm had their strains too what with Arturo and Manila and the stress that comes from a heist. But they too managed to come out of it as they have first hand experience that love is in fact possible in a heist.

Rio and Tokyo may not have been that lucky, as Tokyo sacrificed herself to the explosion of a round of grenades in order to take down as many of the invading soldiers as she could. Painful as it was her sacrifice bought a lot of time for the gang.

The remaining characters had their story arcs too of course with most of it concentrated on their role in the heist but for me there’s a few other characters or sets of characters that stood out for me.

The Professor and Lisbon were obvious crowd favourites but towards the end of the show it’s Alicia and Professor and their story that intrigued me more. Not sure what’s the deal with the Professor and the officers that negotiate with him over the heist but Alicia if given a chance would have never switched her side unless her own side had abandoned her like what happened on the show. Even after she showed signs of finally joining the side of the gang she did throw us off one last time at the beginning of the latter part of part 5. The Professor and Alicia’s escapes may have been more nerve wracking to me than others due to the fact we know how unplanned it is! And that iconic child birth scene! Loved it!

And even more than that were the trio from the flashbacks and the most crucial part of the heist – Berlin, Tatiana and Rafael. Berlin died at the end of Season 1 but his presence has been unwavering until the very end of Season 3 we almost never missed him! The flashbacks were a delightful way to see more into the insights of the plan. I loved the scene where Berlin breaks down after his breakup with Tatiana and the rather surprising detour the heist took because of Rafael and Tatiana. I was very doubtful how the showmakers would keep us gripped until the end but they did it quite well!

And that’s an overview of Season 3! What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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