Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 6 recap

The magical dangers in the world of the Untamed seem to be getting more sinister as things go by. What more is going to happen I wonder? Let’s watch on to find out!

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Now that they are back, victorious after fighting the water demon, Wei Wuxian, Jjang Cheng and Nie Huai Sang get to drinking some alcohol that Wuxian snuggled in. They are discovered by Lan Wangji and is about to be reported until Wuxian makes him immobile with a talisman. During that time he feeds Lan Wangji a cup of alcohol after which he immediately passes out. It’s kind of funny that the perfect and stoic Lan Wangji just has an extremely negligible tolerance for alcohol!

One Lan Wangji wakes up his headband is crooked and Wuxian reached out to fix it but gets slapped instantly on the hand by Wangji as only parents and significant others are supposed to touch the band as it is a very scared items for the Lan clan. The group then sits and shares childhood stories and we find out Wei Wuxian is actually an orphan. I wonder how he ended up as a disciple at the Jjang Clan then?

The next day while Lan Xi Chen and Lan Qi Ren have a discussion about the aqua demon that they faced, Lan Qi Ren reveals that Wei Wuxian’s parents are Wei Chang Ze and Zangse San Ren . Dunno who they are and how vital they are to the story but let’s go with it. The Lan clan leaders however find out about the alcohol incident and even more shockingly that Lan Wangji was with them and the party are punished by flogging. Lan Xi Chen later recommends a cold spring to heal his wounds and says that the Grand Clan master thinks that Wei Wuxian’s behaviour is quite similar to his mother which intrigues Wei Wuxian.

Wei Wuxian goes to the healing spring only to find Lan Wangji already there, who on seeing Wuxian immediately dresses and tries to leave although Wuxian tries to engage a conversation. The two are however suddenly pulled by some unseen force into the depths of the spring and reach a deep cave where at one end , a zither (the instrument that Lan Wangji uses as a weapon later on at the start of the series) is present.

The two try to approach the zither but Wei Wuxian keeps getting pushed back. Understanding that only Lan clan members can come near it, they come up with the idea to tie Wangji’s headband around both their arms. Well I don’t need to tell you how significant this moment is, do I ?

As they approach the zither, a woman by the name of Lan Yi appears. She is apparently the only female clan leader of the Lan clan.

Meanwhile outside at Gusu, everyone is desperately searching for Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji.

She then starts to explain the story of the Yin iron – the magical piece that is tying our entire story together.

Naerky a hundred years ago, the Yin iron was made and it absorbed the grievances and resentment from living people as they died. A ferocious monster called Xuan Wu was controlled with Thai powerful Yin Iron. Eventually the five main clans came together and killed the creator of the Yin iron and also sealed the evil monster Xuan Wu. However they did not know what to do with the Yin iron that continued to absorb more resentful energy. The five clan members then decide to break apart the Yin iron and hide it’s fragments at places where positive energy is bountiful.

At this time Wei Wuxian asks why the absorption of energy of the stone can’t be used for good to which she replies that when she was made the clan leader, no one took her seriously as she was a woman. Of course. And she had an idea to use the Yin iron for good and change that mindset. However that didn’t work out and Wei Wuxian’s mother, her friend disagreed too and eventually things got out of control that she had to use herself to seal the Yin iron in the cave underneath the magical spring.

Takeaways from the episode

Well the episode ended quite abruptly there. But it’s a good thing we got to see more insight into what the big deal with the Yin Iron is. Also I can see that this is one of those monumental points for the relationship between our leads!

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