Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 7 Recap

We are slowly inching into the Crux of the story with the Yin iron and it’s history being explained. But like Wei Wuxian asked, can’t the evil Yin iron be used for something good? Let’s find out!

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While Wei Wuxian asks more about the whereabouts of his mother, we come to understand that the protector of this fragment has been in the cave for a long time and that her powers are weakening, which means this fragment of the Yin iron will start to show it’s location. When asked why it suddenly started to show she says it’s because someone has managed to collect the other fragment. Now it’s basically one plus one equals two as they realise the strange occurrences happening now are because someone is collecting the fragments and manipulating them!

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian promise her to find the other fragments and seal it in this cave and she entrusts her fragment to them both. The two then get released from the cave only to be found by Jjang Cheng and Wen Qing. Wei Wuxian mentions they were at the pool and ignores detailed questions. Especially from Wen Qing. Whom they now suspect big time of course.

The two then propose the idea of using the Yin iron to find the time there fragments and seal it, but that idea is dismissed by them and they decide to seal the fragment alone again. Also at this time it becomes clear that Wen Ruohan has a role in collecting the other fragments and causing all these problems, as they see another Wen clan shadow owl pass over them.

Meanwhile in Qishan Wen Ruohan has ordered Xue Yang to get the fragment from YueYang much to the dismay of Wen Chao as Xue Yang is not the obedient kind.

Back at the Lan clan of Gusu the disciples make lanterns together. Wei Wuxian asks Lan Wangji if he wants to set them off together to which he gets a very curt – no. He then draws the rabbits they found on the cave on his lantern which makes even Lan Wangji smile. About time, why can’t he smile more? As they release the lanterns and give their wishes Wei Wuxian wishes to always stand by the truth and by justice. Oohhhhhh.

While Wei Wuxian and Yan Li discuss about their wishes, the female disciples joke that Yan Li does not need to wish for a good marriage as she is set to marry Jin Zi Xuan. The most eligible bachelor of course.

He hears this and walks off which angers Wei Wuxian and the two have a fight. They are later pulled apart by Yan Li and Wangji and he is later punished to kneel and reflect on what he thought. Guess mister eligible bachelor is not punished huh.

Soon Jjang Feng Mien arrives,Jjang Cheng’s father and of course clan leader of the Jjang clan. He discussed with the Lan clan leaders and mentions that the engagement between Yan Li and Zi Xuan was fixed by their mothers and if the kids are not happy with it, it should be cancelled and it does get cancelled. I like how progressive he is!

The clan leaders then have a discussion about the Yin iron and Clan leader Jjang also confirms that someone from the Wen clan has been attacking many smaller clans in YueYang in search of the Yin iron.

The Jjang siblings and Wei Wuxian then leave with clan leader Jjang and somehow Lan Wangji looks sad, but the two don’t get to say goodbye either. As the party leaves, Lan Xi Chen asks Lan Wangji whether he told Wei Wuxian about the fact that he is going to set out to find the other pieces of the Yin iron. He says no. As Wei Wuxian leaves he sees the twin Jade’s of the Lan clan talk secretly and he starts to have his suspicions.

Takeaways from the episode

We didn’t get a lot of crucial bits from tjsi episode but I think this is the start of the really serious parts of the series to actually come out now! Onto the next episode then!