Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 48 – recap

What will befall our heroes who are now the hostages of Meng Yao? Let’s find out!

To read the other recaps and related posts, just click the link here! Now onto the recap-

Now that both of them know the truth, Jjang Cheng and Wei Wuxian have an emotional conversation about the past, their losses and how they are coming to terms with the things that are now like this. The two, then reconcile.

In between this, Meng Yao was doing some digging and finds a coffin with the Red Blade master’s body. Then what about the body in the ghost village? At this point the truth about Meng Yao’s and Su She’s involvement in Jin Zi Xuan’s death is revealed much to everyone’s shock. We also get to see how Su She actually came to Meng Yao’s side as well.

As they are about to leave , Wei Wuxian taunts Meng Yao and uses a spell to bring upon him some bad memories about alll yhe people that he killed. Meng Yao is eventually captured and it’s also revealed how he and Xue Yang had worked together to forge a Stygian Tiger Amulet using his part of the Yin iron. Lan Xi Chen expresses his disappointment in Meng Yao, to which he falls to his knees in tears.

Takeaways from the episode

So now the hostages have become the captors.

We have had a lot happening in the episodes 45 and 46 and I guess the last two episodes just documente some small instances? Anyway I can’t wait to find the end! The link is at the top!

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