Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 49 – recap

Now that our characters have taken capture of Meng Yao, what next?

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Lan Xi Chen questions on Meng Yao on why he decided to marry his half sister despite knowing the truth. Meng Yao confesses he did that so that a rift between the families don’t occur because of the truth. He also mentions how he loved his wife a lot and how the truth shattered him. At this point I kind of feel bad for Meng Yao.

As they dwell more into why he killed Jin Zi Xuan, the answer was an expected one – the jealousy that he had towards the more loved legitimate son of the Jin clan and how he received no appreciation or love no matter what he did. My sympathy to Meng Yao has decreased a little. I can empathise with the reason, but that doesn’t justify the fact that he killed his half brother right?

It’s at this moment that Wen Ning possessed by The Red Blade master’s sword starts attacking Meng Yao and Jin Ling as Meng e blood is on Jin Ling. They try their best to control Wen Ning, but Su She is stabbed in the process. Wei Wuxian eventually manages to deal with the resentment in the sword and put it to rest with its owner.

Eveyone starts tending to their wounds including Meng Yao who has now lost an arm. Lan Xi Chen is tending to Nie Huei Sang wounds when he purposefully blurts out to watch out when in reality Meng y didn’t even move. Lan Xi Chen on reflex z takes his sword and stabs Meng Yao.

Takeaways from the episode

How ironic and sad is that Meng Yao had to meet his end (I’m guessing Meng Yao will die from that injury) from the brother and the man who was the only one he had a whole hearted relationship with?

And although not focused a lot throughout the series let’s just see Nie Huei Sang who is a sly person here- he’s the type who won’t heh his hands dirty and acts the innocent and that really bugs me. Sure,Meng Yao is evil but he should have been dealt with the right way, not the sly way. This makes Nie Huei Sang no different from Meng Yao.

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