Watch With Me : The Untamed : Episode 12 recap

The Wen clan literally has all the clan successors under their control in Qishan. What could happen now? Definitely nothing good! Let’s hope our favorite characters survive this though!

If you want to read on about any of the other episode recaps , a mini compiled summary that shortens all these details of a spoiler free review click the link here, I will attach the links here as I upload them!

The Wen clan starts by collecting the swords from all the cultivators rendering them defenseless. Wei Wuxian hands it over easily (he probably would make do with his talismans) . Jin Xi Zuan makes a huge fuss and almost gets thrown in jail until his assistant apologise for him. Look I know this guy is supposed to be on the good side but isn’t he a tad bit too arrogant?

The Wen clan instructs them to study all the rules and principles of the Wen clan (like how they did at the Cloud Recesses for the Lan clan) without fail three times a day until they get it right. Wei Wuxian seems to be the only one who happily accepts the challenge. Probably because he is used to all that impositions he wrote at the Lan clan.

Meanwhile now with Wen Ruohan’s warning clear in her mind she warns her brother Wen Ning to not be friendly with Wei Wuxian as they are in different sides. Wen Ning however feels that he is a nice guy and why not. Awww I’m really liking this Wen Ning character. A true friend indeed.

While studying the Wen clan rules Wei Wuxian finds it ironic that there are rules like the clan members should be beheaded if they participate in evil. The next day Lan Wangji, Jin Xi Zuan and Lan Wangji are questioned on the rules. Naturally only Wei Wuxian volunteers to answer but goes forward to recite the Lan clan rules. The three then get punished to work in the vegetable garden with all the dung.

Wei Wuxian tries his best to talk to Lan Wangji to find out what happened but Wen Chao pounces on them and says so arrogantly that yes he almost annihilated the Lan clan and brought Lan Wangji here. Wei Wuxian gets furious and a scuffle occurs and Wei Wuxian is thrown in the dungeons with a monstrous dog like beat of which Wei Wuxian is scared of. Throughout the night he is heavily injured by the dog when suddenly the dog goes limp. Wen Ning has secretly tranquilized the dog with his needles and gives Wei Wuxian some medicine . The next day Wei Wuxian hides all the evidence and is furious that Wei Wuxian survived all that.

Now that Wei Wuxian is back with the disciples, Wen Chao informs them of the attack on the Lan clan and how Nie clan is also being dealt with which shocked Nie Huai Sang. He also informs the Jin clan due to their cooperation would be exempted form the attack but is not so sure about the cowardly Yunmeng clan.

As the disciples recite and learn the rules Wen Chao gets some strange reports and incidents from the mountains and decides to use the disciples as bait. Are we getting another monster like the lake monster coming up?

As the team scrounge around Mt. Muxi, Wei Wuxian notices that Lan Wangji is still limping from his leg injuries. Jjang Cheng warns Wei Wuxian on helping him as the Yunmeng clan might be put in danger but Wei Wuxian still goes and asks Lan Wangji how he is and whether he needs to be carried on his back.

Takeaways from the episode

Looks like Wen clan are more cowardly than strong if they had to takeaway the disciples swords in order to actually control them. And it also seems like Wei Wuxian has an intense fear if dogs. Although Wen Qing has decided to stop helping them , Wen Ning still beleives in his morals and continue sti help them. As to what is going to happen to our defenseless investigating party at Mt. Muxi we need to check the next episode to find out!

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