Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 18 recap

Well, Wei Wuxian has decided to give his golden core away to Jjang Cheng. But how exactly? Let’s watch on to find out!

To read other episode recaps, spoiler free reviews click this link here where I will link them all as I upload them! Now onto the episode!

Wei Wuxian meets an injured Song Lan who tells him of what all Xue Yang has done. If you don’t remember Song Lan, he and his friend had come in an earlier episode while our characters were still on the hunt for the Yin iron fragments shortly after learning of it’s origin. Wei Wuxian then devises a plan to help Jjang Cheng. But first he drugs Yanli and sends her off to Yanling to the safety of the Jin clan with Song Lan.

He then instructs Jjang Cheng that there is a way to get his golden core back. He tells Jjang Cheng to go blindfolded up the mountain which is the abode of BaoShan SanRen who is a very powerful cultivator. He informs Jjang Cheng that on no account can he take his blindfold off and that he must always answer that he is Wei Wuxian and nothing else. As Jjang Cheng slowly walks up the mountain , Wei Wuxian painfully looks by. I’m going to cry! There has to be another way!

Takeaways from the episode

I’m guessing we won’t be seeing Yanli for a few more episodes. And whatever they are up to in order for Jjang Cheng to get his power back I hope he doesn’t do something stupid like going to avenge an army of Wen clan on his own! And when will he find out?

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