Watch With Me : The Untamed : Episode 14 recap

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian are stuck in the cave waiting for their friends to come and rescue them while they hide from the monster. What else will befall our duo?

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Now that Lan Wangji has woken up he sees that his headband is back on his head and Wei Wuxian informs him that he tried looking for the exit Jjang Cheng found but couldn’t. Which means the monster must be blocking it. Lan Wangji then asks whether he was able to understand what beast it was and they realise it’s the same beast that was mentioned to them in the Cold Springs when they found out about the history of the Yin iron. I don’t remember this part maybe I should go back and listen more carefully to the story. I think this monster was mentioned as a more minor detail then?

They then device a plan to kill it with Lan Wangji’s killer technique but it must be done from within the animal as the shell may protect it. Wei Wuxian due to his injuries them plan with him to drive the monster out of his shell so that Lan Wangji can then kill it as it comes out. They collect all the weapons left behind by the others and plan their attack.

Wei Wuxian is now inside the beast and sees that the beast not only consumes humans physically but spiritually as well. He then sees a sword filled with resentful energy and understands that this is what is keeping the beast trapped here. He pulls it out in time to defend himself from the beast who sensed his presence and drives him out of the shell. Lan Wangji tries to kill it fast as he notices Wei Wuxian being affected by the resentful energy surging through him from the sword.

Is this the beginning of the feared Yiling patriarch? Eventually Wei Wuxian attacks and they finally kill the beast but he is severely injured.

Back at Qishan Wen Chao congratulate Wen Ruohan for his manipulation of the zombies but Wen Ruohan instructs him to find Xue Yang and the fourth part of the Yin iron although Wen Chao is confused why they need the fourth part since they have three already.

A shivering Wei Wuxian wakes up and gets confirmation from Lan Wangji that the beast has been killed. He starts developing a fever however and Lan Wangji worriedly cures him with his magic. In between Wei Wuxian asks him to sing a song for which he does, and we go down memory lane for everything the duo has experiences. Wei Wuxian asks the name of the song and he answers back “Wang Xian” but he never hears it as he collapses. Did he just name that song by combining both their names? OMG. Don’t touch me I’m soft you guys! This is just too cute!

The next time when Wei Wuxian wakes up he is rescued by the Jin clan. Of all the clans. He realises the efforts took seven days over which he was stuck in the cave with Lan Wangji and that he has already left for Gusu.

The two then arrive at Yunmeng and greet clan leader Jjang and Yanli as Wei Wuxian slowly recovers. In between however lady Jjang makes an entrance and complains about how the rumors outside are that clan leader Jjang can’t forgey Wei Wuxian’s mother and that he is the illegitimate child of Clan leader Jjang.

Hearing these fights Jjang worries about how his father would probably not care much about him and his mother that much. Wei Wuxian then calmly explains to him that there is nothing of that sort and that Jjang Cheng will definitely be the next clan leader and Wei Wuxian his subordinate just like their fathers.

Takeaways from the episode

Like I said before this episode really sealed the deal for the friendship between Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji. I mean nothing like being stuck in a cave for 7 days with the Tortoise of Slaughter right? Also I’m confused at this point? Is Wei Wuxian really the clan leaders illegitimate child? If Wei Wuxian knows that his father was clan leader Jjang subordinate then why is there all this drama surrounding his origins? Someone really needs to clarify that! And I guess rubbing off of Wei Wuxian’s shadow must be depressing for Jjang Cheng who doesn’t feel he is as good as him and needs to lead the clan as well. I can relate to that pressure.

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