Watch With Me : The Untamed : Ep 15 recap

Things after the Wen clan lectures didn’t go too well and let’s just say that Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian had a really narrow escape! Now the duo are back in their own homes and a new set of problems and story await us as we dwell more into the story of the Yin iron – a manifestation of negative energy!

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Clan leader Jjang and Yan Li have left to go to Lanling. Meanwhile Wen Chao’s mistress has arrived to punish Wei Wuxian. The lady of the Jjang clan even joins in as Wei Wuxian doesn’t defebd himself as he is being punished by Lady Jjang’s serpentine laser whip kind of weapon – The Zidian. But the evil mistress has not had enough and demands to have Wei Wuxian’s right arm chopped off. For one moment there we all think she will do that next but she doesn’t. It eventually leads into a fight and the Wen clan reinforcements are called and a battle starts.

Lady Jjang realises that she will be overpowered easily in this battle now that the powerful Wen clan have called for reinforcements. She ties up Jjang Cheng and Wei Wuxian in a boat with her Zidian. She lets the boat glide away so that the two can escape so that she can hold off the enemy much to the disappointment of them both.

As the boat flows by it meets up with the boat where clan leader Jjang and Yan Li are returning from Lanling. Understanding the situation he ties the three of them with the Zidian while he returns to help his wife.

The three scream to be released and struggles against the Zidian as they float away.

Takeaways from the episode

Not a lot happened this episode and was more of battle sequences from different sets of characters like I expected. I guess the Wen clan has finally lost it and have decided to attack Yunmeng as well now! What will be of clan leader Jjang and his wife? We are yet to find out!