Watch with me : The Untamed : Ep 19 – recap

Yanli is off to Lanling and Jjang Cheng happily off to get his golden core! What will happen to Wei Wuxian? Let’s find out!

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Powerless and without his golden core he is captured by the Wen clan and thrown into the Burial mounds where no one ever survives. Great. Perfect timing.

As he falls into it’s depths he is swarmed by this dark power. Definitely not good news guys. I sense the start of the Yiling patriarch here!

He eventually gets swamped by the resentful energy that got into him after he touched the sword inside that tortoise monster at the cave.

Meanwhile Jjang Cheng and Lan Wangji go barging into Qishan to find Wei Wuxian who is nowhere to be seen. Their swords are collected back from Qishan. What’s the point! And where were you Lan Wangji when we needed you?!

Jjang Cheng and Lan Wangji then reunite with Yanli at Lanling. All the clans (finally) plan a combined attack against the Wen clan.

Takeaways from the episode

Wei Wuxian is literally at the depths of nowhere and the clans finally plan an attack on the Wen clan which was really late in my opinion. I mean wasn’t the attack on the Lan clan more than enough reason? Uff! Guess we have to watch to find out!

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