Watch With Me : The Untamed (2019) – Ep 27 – recap

Wei Wuxian is now slowly on the path to becoming the Yiling Patriarch, except it’s not an evil character but rather a man who stands with the oppressed with the majority don’t like and fear as they do not understand his power. I am loving how this story is growing and therefore am moving onto the next episode!

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As Wei Wuxian leaves with the Wen siblings and the surviving members of the Wen clan he is stopped by Lan Wangji. What follows is an emotional conversation where Wei Wuxian recounts how he and Lan Wangji had decided to fight on the good side together. As he leaves, he wishes that if a fight is to ensue, he would be more than happy to fight against Lan Wangji and that he is going to rescue all these people. Lan Wangji doesn’t say a word and just watches as he leaves with all the people. I wonder what is going through his mind.

Wei Wuxian leads them to the burial grounds, the same burial grounds that Wen Chao had thrown him in and he had emerged with the Stygian Tiger Amulet. He informs the people that they will be staying there from now on. I guess that is the safest place to be since none of the clans would dare to step into the deathly burial mounds.

Back at the discussion of the clans they discuss about Wei Wuxian’s “betrayal” and how they suspect that he has the fourth missing piece of the Yin iron. Mian Mian of the Jin clan and Lan Wangji retorts to this leading to a debate. Mian Mian eventually leaves the clan and Lan Wangji is reprimanded by the Lan clan leader for letting Wei Wuxian go and repeating the mistakes of his father.

At the burial mounds Wei Wuxian has Wen Ning covered in a gazillion talismans as a method of ressurection and reports back to Wen Qing that he has slowly started reacting to the talismans. Jjang Cheng arrives at the burial mounds to see that Wei Wuxian is residing there with many elderly, weak and normal members of the Lan clan who do not have any magical powers. As he sees Wei Wuxian’s attempted ressurection he retorts back at the use of such magic. Wei Wuxian suspects that Jjang Cheng is here just to check if the fourth piece of the Yin iron is really with him.

Takeaways of the episode

Well I was initially sad that Lan Wangji just let Wei Wuxian go because I am just used to seeing them as a duo but I loved how he held up for Wei Wuxian in front of all the clans so all that remorse I felt is now gone. Of course I’m pretty sure that Wen Ning will get ressurected – hence the Ghost General. But I have to admit it’s kind of painful how Jjang Cheng and Wei Wuxian seem to have their relationship go down like this. After all that Wei Wuxian has done for him too. I think Jjang Cheng is going to find that out too late though. I mean we all need some theatrics in a TV series right.

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